From here

We smooth the surface, filling in spaces

holes dug searching for answers,

outwit the worms for they will never feed

on this soul

for ash will blow on the wind and settle

back into part of the whole

as we stand and feel the energy rise

giving guidance and peace to the mind.

We are the dirt where unknown bones are buried

burrow through like the creatures residing

deep in the unknown,

snakes sleep in gaps where light never finds

and we too are connected

in our fears and our movement through

like curving waves undulating parting the grasses

we bask in the sun where we find it,

wondering how we had forgotten to remember

these moments of a solitary silence,

and words will rise like fog

burning off in the morning light

becoming like the dew that lies on mounds

burial grounds for yesterday,

damp and a ready feast

for the birds that sink their faces below earth

searching for sustenance,

moving to where it is that perhaps they hear

come here to this place below the towering tree

and find the gifts given,

crawling insects and worms to fuel

for another day of life.

Monday meandering thoughts on dirt (don’t ask me why, it just kept surfacing like a small hill) and life. Peace and blessings and a happy day to one and all ❤


We are all but invisible

below the surface of what those see,

serving purpose not all know

hidden in cracks and crevices

sustaining the soul through word.

The poets purpose

gathering within all seen

the simple things felt below subconscious

we feel it like rain falling upon us

as it seeps into the places where magic is made,

we grow the seed planted

into the heart of the world.

To gaze into the soul,

stirring about the stew

we dip our spoons in to taste

the connection of earth and life

deeming it good we share with the world,

spoon by spoon yet never running dry

we churn out more beauty to sustain

in trying times we go deeper

following the roots of goodness

and cultivating the thoughts that will thrive.

Not quite sure where this came from, saw this very cool image and this is the first thing that came to mind, subconscious flow from my mind….peace and blessings and enjoy.

Lyrics to my life #4

“A beautiful bunch o’ ripe banana
Daylight come and me wan’ go home
Hide the deadly black tarantula
Daylight come and me wan’ go home”

Harry Belafonte-

100_1831.jpg100_1833.jpg100_1836.jpg100_1835.jpg100_1832.jpgYeah baby, the harvest is upon us. The Poetry Channel has requested banana bread to be sent….54 bananas people, 54…..Wow…..I see smoothies in the future, and banana splits, and does anyone have a pet monkey? A little too hot for baking Michael….heavy bunch too. Next tree won’t be ready to be harvested for about 2 more months or so….I think I may hate bananas by then….but now Harry is singing in my brain and won’t go away…..

A plentiful bounty indeed. We are blessed.