In that space

Between the stars that shine

scattered like ash on the still water

Movement becomes slow and steady

as the heart beats like a comet passing,

breathing in and out

taking each moment and with care

weighing it back and forth

all of the thoughts and feelings

letting it slip away to move to the bottom

uncluttering the beauty that remains

reflective like a sweet dream.

Skies lit with watercolor memories

yesterdays rerun returning at unwelcome times

lashing the mind with its inhumane need

to rise up and be heard,

so I push it back down softly

into the murky depths where it belongs,

unseen and silenced I listen to a loon on the air,

filling the night with its quiet strange song

and I know in this space between

is where my soul belongs,

captured on the motionless screen of water,

dancing like a stray tear that ripples

disrupting the image

and the loon keeps its tune

to the rhythm of this night

and I stand aware

of all that is

and of all that will be.

Face created

What mask is made

Created to hide

To cover the depths

Of what lies inside.

What face is given

In times of madness

Of oceans of sadness

Of life.

Changes moving through

The clay molded into shapes

The heart sees in a mirrored moment

All it longs to be.

She slips into something more comfortable

Blank and hidden

Turning into a nobody

Who is everybody sometimes.

Unnoticed she moves through

A creature of exchange

Chameleon blended into

Earths pigment absorbed.

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Thoughts on a dream I had, becoming something foreign to ones self, Unrecognizable yet in knowing that, enjoying the freedom to move about unnoticed by those who know you. Strange days of dreams finding me lately after having been absent for awhile. I blame it on the vitamins….must be the D. 😎


Pink cast skies above me
Seeing the world through rain drops
Window gazer of calming before
The coming storm.
Brown rabbit frolics
Chasing a friend
White tails disappear into green grasses
And I breathe in the scent
Of concrete and dampness
As earth moves lifting me
Energy builds from the depths
Of an emptiness.
Reclaim the senses
Treasure map of what the day shall bestow
On a mind-set in stone
Coming back round to reclaim
The lost peace.
A thousand pounds this body feels
Dragging with a tired apathy
To the bottom of the thought
Let the storm wash over
Cleansing the images
Alone to stand tall
Above the dire circumstance
This too shall pass.
Waves of the ride
Motion up and down
And the rocks rise up to greet
With their sharp jagged edges
That I will catch the form
Of glistening movement to the swell
Over it all and closer to shore
And as the sun shines so will the warmth
Of belief in self
And all that will be
As grace and blessings fill the heart
I will emerge to walk
The path of peace.