Everything and nothing

Between a thought and the empty space

nestled in a memory bank of illusions

I see between the raging wind

words unknown, never spoken.

Lofty heights above bubbling clouds

there waits the sun with shimmering light,

And these thoughts keep moving

in sleep and dreams,

spaces and places

where everything is all

and nothing fills the chasm

between now and forevers days.

Water washes down on souls

endless rain on deserts pool

reflecting skies and infinity.

no name given to the miracles

except for that which is

the symbols of our waking hours,

compartmentalized to make sense

when there is the depths

that cannot be fathomed,

where there a thought of emptiness

there waiting,

between the sliver of reason

where everything

and nothing resides.

Here and now and then

I sit here in the now
Remembering the when
Pondering the why
And singing to the sky,
Contrast and beauty
And species so similar
So different why now
Not later? To bloom in spring
And die through summer?
I sit in the room
With no lights on
And no matter how dark
There is always color and light
The train at the station
Carries away
These thoughts for the day
On the how and the why
And the where
But not who
Because no one is there
At this moment but me
And my thoughts and my dreams
Like silly mysteries
Running down the track
To derail.
All of this from a flower
My words run
Purple and white
Like kingdom and pure
Or high school colors once more,
Worn in spring with the chill
Of a morning frost
Come calling.