We move through like invisible ghosts

Haunted by the thoughts that speak without voice

Meandering wind like whisperings

In the thick syrup night of darkness

Heavy air pressing down

Consuming our souls left unattended.

We wander through searching

Watching those that move past hurriedly

As if there is fear to look too deeply,

To stare into the mirror of selves they may see

Too afraid to know that truth they’ve built

Like castles on sand that will wash away

If they only could see.

The coolness moves in slowly yet welcomed

And time itself stands still though speeds by

A minute passes, a spectre of then

And we strive to be here and now in this minute

And not a second more or less

As we sway in the breeze that stirs the leaves

Turning in circles our minds move without us at times

And the season of the witch comes

With clouds that hide the moon above

Flickering candles draw us to gaze

Into the heart that beats steady,

And deep in the lives we lead drifting through the now

Into a midnight dance of seasons.

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Matters of the path

To move about following signs
Skipping off the path
When we find the time,
Exploring without and within
Jump right back into place
And begin again.
Does it matter which way we move
Where no answer is wrong
And the soul will always approve
To keep forging on and follow the wind
On the road of life
We dare to dream
Of places unseen
Of friends yet to meet
And somewhere in between we find
Maybe the compass shifted us off course
So we right ourselves with a gentle smile
Nothing gained and nothing lost,
But we wake each day
With the highest hope
To climb that hill,
To hang tight to the rope.
But if we let go into the unknown
Now that is the wildness of soul
Set free to be the greatest thing
To find the place to be whole
To find peace and bliss,
Throw away the compass now
And Mark your own maps of life
Because where you are
Is where you’re meant to be
To learn
To grow
To be ready
To fly.