Honoring sacred

Listen to the whispers
of a yesterday far gone
to words of lessons learned
through changes that have come,
silent eyes wait watching
for the cure to now be found,
in sacred love embraced
with more still yet to come.
In shadows sits the elder
carved with tools and thoughts of life,
captured essence moves here
in spirits of those who see
the light beneath the darkness
and the life within the soul,
neither here or gone it remains
drifting in dreams it will become.
The skies will fall and rise
and the waters, in and out
while the scurrying motions move on
unaware of whats been said,
and the young will remember these days
though may not know quite why,
but in the way of seasons they too will slip
in minutes passing by,
perhaps one day to recall
the face who waited with secrets to tell
to the wise who stopped a moment
to gaze into eyes with soul
and a peace found here
beside the man
we never knew at all,
but for a piece of beauty
in shades of green and black,
a part of it all,
a soul for this space and time.

Moving hue

Spreading thin
added shades to blend within
the spectrum of beauty rises
like a subtle dream flows
through the mind that patiently sits
waiting in repose.
Beauty unearthed
from empty pages
blank with welcome
the hand follows the theme
of images flowing from deep wells,
the mind spins in eagerness
splashing the dream of what will be
across the naked space.
Have I been here?
Where do these colors thrive
with the intensity of scenes remembered
from a long gone dream
brought forth as the hand moved gently
spinning rainbows in water
as beauty and thoughts flow
like rain on parchment.

Winds of life

Blowing weak and strong
standing straight against the brunt
invisible forces wear away
one breath at a time.
A faith of belief surrounds
and perception changes daily
as time passes and still we remain
sometimes less but steadfast through
each storm that arrives,
that tries to whittle our base
and crumble the core
of love.
Born of an element
formed and created so strong,
we carry our weight and keep moving forward
belief our very foundation,
and we find in our darkest moments
the strength we share with others
to buoy the weak
and ride the wave of change,
to stay upright in the world winds
that blow fierce and relentless,
to never fall without the knowing
we shall be lifted again and again.