In unexpected places

we find the magic that sits waiting

so patiently like it knew

we were coming,

beauty of a color

standing out like a beacon

a light ushering us to come near,

to gaze at the brilliance of natures finest.

Below a small bird waits,

watching as I go near to gather

trying to help in the survival

as dogs mill about restlessly,

it hops into the brush and sits watching me,

I gaze up and see the purple bloom

as bananas wait to be found,

new in their stage I laugh,

the bird is now gone as I glance back

yet its gift now given

appreciated with the heart of love

for more magic in the world

this universe never stops

providing its miracles

to those who pay attention

to the signs sent.

The red pineapple was found in a gentleman yard a block from our home, walking the dogs one morning, I returned later with the camera to share with you, and the little bird I tried to save, was never seen again (nor eaten by the dogs) but it did get me back in deep enough to the corner yard (where slithering things like to sit) and much to my joy as I looked up, I spied a new crop of bananas growing, and going around the other side to get a better view, found another tree with another bunch growing. Ah, the smallest joys to my life. All appreciated.

Slipping through

Thoughts like dreams slip through
Portals of the day to day
openings we find ourselves slipping through
weightless doors wait for those who dare
to seek the pleasure;
the paradise beyond what is merely seen.
We center and ground
breathing in and out as if
our existence is just an illusion
as we glide through unnoticed
invisible to the eye.
To raise a smile from the ashes,
words and music of the rhythm of the universe
singing bowls beside the sea
where many have come before
and will come again unknown by those
who never feel the vibe
of peace divine.
We live in these moments
basking in the soft beauty of a bloom
floating on water the ebb and flow
keeps time to the beat
in and out we inhale to finally
exhale the poison of darkness
as the scent of a rogue magnolia finds us
pleasantly surprised
by the folds
of what is waiting inside.
The thought that rises to the top
like cream rich and sweet,
life and its mysteries found
waiting behind the door
of perception awakened.

Into light

The journey moved long into the night,

Past the stars and directional beacons

We navigated blindly yet not quite so,

Into the realm of a place called “new.”

It wasn’t on the map that led us forward

And we leaned into the twisting turning curves,

The harbingers of wrecks that could be found by those

Hurrying to the next destination,

Yet we had a calm between the two tin vessels,

Moving together in tandem,

Navigating the poles and emptiness that stood off to the side,

Ready and waiting to drag us in,

Almost like a rip-tide effect

And just as scary,

Except we knew where the path was,

And we followed the detours like tired sailers pushed into new currents,

Tossed by the winds and left ragged

Yet still content with the light that trickled through to find us,

And we kept on moving,

Kept on keeping on I think the song said,

And at the end a bright red sign

Turn here now to get back

To the place you left off,

Just a speed bump in the road,

Around a piece of real estate now covered in a mud slide

And I spoke through little boxes to you,

Feeling the heart rate return to a sense of normalcy

And the little yellow sponge smiling on the dashboard spoke in my thoughts,

It’s all gonna be alright…laughing in joy on his way

To a new day in paradise,

A caravan of tired souls ready to hang a sign,

Home at last,


Home at last.

Hello my friends, internet goes live Friday and life shall resume its new pace of peace and normalcy. Oh how I have missed you all, six hundred emails stocked up waiting to be read and wow, made it thirteen hundred miles in one piece, a tornado just past our first night stay in Cincinatti a town away, prayers to that towns folks and so many blessings that we made it. Sorry for my absence, eager to return and loving you all who stuck by us through our lapse in life as we knew it. Peace and blessings, Kim💜 Life is truly magical⭐️🌟✨🦄