breaking dawn

We stand in quietest thought

watercolor skies fill the soul with a peace,

tranquility knows what the heart feels

as the water lays smooth at my reach.

Boats bob gently in the harbor

old worn lines tether her to the dock

as birds walk without a sound

long slender necks dip below the ripples

gathering their morning food

and I watch the hues wishing

for paper and paint to capture the sight

greeting me with a proper good morning shine

reflected off the fin

as dolphins swim towards the places

where the sun will rise

and I too will be there to greet the light

rocking on the green blue water

anticipation for the day to come,

we move into the waiting sea

balancing our bodies

and quenching our souls

with visions of this breaking morning paradise.

Went fifteen plus miles out fishing yesterday on a boat on the Gulf of Mexico, caught a few, tossed back a few, and managed to keep my stomach in check so as to not embarrass myself as a sea-tosser of yesterdays supper. A good day, caught some color too and after six hours, decided I must be getting old as I needed a proper nap to catch my energy back up. The boat and some ocean pics. All photos by me 🙂




Gone fishin’

The bowl is daily
Dwindling away
Open bag, the little fishes seem to have
Shrunk since I was young.
Carnauba ? Isn’t that a smashed up bug used
For pretty red color?
Well fish eat bugs so I guess that’s okay.
Another day
Desk drawer open,
Someone gone fishin’ again
For my little sweets,
Almost time to refill the bowl,
As fish never last too long
The ones at the county fair can declare.
Ooh look, sushi!!
I love sushi but this looks different somehow,
Do you think my fish escaped to go to the
Great gourmet plate in the sky?
Or wait, I know
Maybe they took a chocolate spa holiday?
Why would they run away?
Why did they not invite me?
Well one things for sure
I won’t be finding them on the grill
Or on a cedar plank smoked
Because they would ooze away
Un enjoyed and that’s a shame
Making a mess besides.
So where oh where did my little fish go?
To the great flush zone?
To the stomach of a friend?
One things for certain
I know where to find more,
They’re spawning on sale
At the local grocery store.
Free fishin’ license the other day
Maybe they’re on a boat somewhere
Being carnivores on the ones hooked
On fish.

cinco cat

I guard the golden cerveza
My perch above
The world
Of those who wander below,
My mountaintop fortress
Another cinco de mayo
Come and gone
And she will take away
My box of goodness.
I don’t always drink cerveza
Sometimes it’s puddle water
Or drops from my paw,
But when I do
I don’t drink this kind
As limes just ain’t my thing.
Night grows near
Time to get out of here
Head on out and maybe catch a fish
Maybe a mouse or two,
Or maybe I’ll sit here for a little while
And watch the world go by.