Searching the skies

We move like the leaves
swaying in our places back and forth,
watching as the life of clouds are born
and settling into a calm and easy pace
as the dust settles
after the storm.
Crazy worlds we spin upon
round and round the sun shines through,
as time marks passage
we watch the numbers add up
calling to us to dig deep within,
the symbolism never lost
to the one who believes in the highest of things,
we carry on
lifting loads and taking steps,
knowing there will be a moment
when all is revealed,
we will know
the truth of goodness
that shall prevail.

Clouds hang overcast then change back to sun, thoughts are filtered as the heart slows into a peace. The day which swirled into a tempest, has left the mind alert yet knowing,
my computer threw me to a site that says I had a devastating error, on the apple page, gave the number to call….all said and done, they said that I was majorly compromised but they would fix the issue with their level 9 support. Your’s for only 399$, cheaper than a store would they said. I declined the offer and hope for the best, beefing up my firewall, etc….Wish me luck that all ends well as I’d hate to find out it wasn’t B.S….thanks for your patience, today was supposed to be spent catching up, not freaking out over this, so for now, off to my happy place and when the timer goes off and I come back on, wish me luck. Sometimes this world is just a messed up place, but keeping the faith in truth. Peace and love and see y’all tomorrow my friends, K