Maybe one
Is all you need,
To see as you walk by
To raise a sweet smile.
Maybe just one is enough,
A kind word
A summer sigh
A whisper in your ear.
Maybe just one
Will grow in dirt
Where everything fails
One will rise above.
One is a solitary line
Drawn in the scheme
Of many
So just one stands out
For it’s perfection,
Because it is after all
Just one
But enough.
So just one I will leave
To decorate the patch
Barren of others
And it will stand alone
It will be special
And it will shine.

Trinkets of a life lesson

Upon a chain
Woven gold
Or silver covered
A trove of meaning
Around the neck
Of a life well spent.
A key to unlock a heart so true
Or to keep hidden secrets
Bestowed upon by you,
An owl wise
Which is his way
To ask oneself who
Loves you most of all.
Metal flowers
Posies which will never die,
Forever life
Wound with petals and leaves
And a disc most fragile
But most important of all
The gift of time.
To lose it
You can never get it back,
To give it away
To those in need quite precious indeed,
To cherish it each and every day
And reminders
That you can’t go back
But can always look forward
The gift itself which must be followed
Tick tock
Here and now
Is what we have,
Squandering it is saddest of all.