Slipping into natures calm,
a simple splendor beckons the mood
to surface from the depths of sleeping,
awake and dreaming
in a sensory wonderland.
We meander down the paths
through glades of green surrounding,
delicate beauty hanging high above,
sliding down on shining vines
and captured to recall on a dreary day
we notice the minutae of silken petals
and slip into times from yesterday.
The wonder of a blessing gifted
in places where the peace is found
to soothe the soul on stormy days,
we slide into calm
to at last release yet hold close joy,
into daytime dreaming slide
into bloom.


We stand in the queue
beneath the magnificent crown of clouds
together in formation
of a randomness that reigns.
Kingdom of being
one in a million
amongst the human element
of a thousand varieties of seed
spread far and wide
to grow,
to become stronger with each wind
that cascades down upon our souls,
we dance in a harmony of kindness
as if each day could be the one
when we are selected
and plucked in tiny hands
to become something more
than we could be individually,
together we are a centerpiece
to appreciate
for each thought,
uniqueness that makes
the special piece
that makes us shine.
We grow where planted
and share the goodness
and the gifts of our heart
that we were born
to give away freely,
to lift the broken thin stem
that stands beside
beneath the crown of clouds
under a pale autumn sky.

Paradise (haiku)

Secondary shades
orange and purple reaching
points of beauty found.

Place of solitude
hides below banyan tree root
garden of the soul.

Precious sunlight gifts
illuminate the rainbow
I slip into bliss.

Photo taken at Edison Ford winter estates- a bird of paradise basking in the sun that was found reaching through the huge banyan tree, the largest in the states.