We reach for the skies

alive in the showers that find

parched souls waiting for relief

embracing the moment

a shower falling gently

like a glorious dance.

Softness of color guide the eye

into the center of the perfect storm

I can feel the breath of a thousand clouds

forming in indigo shades

as I smile and close my eyes

to fully gather and hold tight the feeling,

the emotion of clean and the wetness that finds

absorbing the drops

like thoughts that slip through

as I gaze at this moment

with a peace in my heart,

sending the vibe to the universe

to be heard by those

who need to hear

the message so clear.

Hidden signs

Waiting in his garden abode

watching the comings and goings

blessed in his peace

his eyes gaze forward

as the flowing jasmine crowns the mind.

Years pass by and he finds and gives

a calm to those who happen upon

the soul of the post and green flowing wall,

solitary is his game

being is his name.

Nestled in the jasmine

the scent lay heavy on the air

without a care we walk quietly by

more entranced with star like blooms

he says nothing as we move on

resting in his spot

a regular in this place.



Lost in the grace of soft white

petals soft like butter fill the hand

heavenly scent of delight

a gift of one from the mystery.

Gardenia bloom hidden behind

glimpse of white brought forward to see

like a shy child awkward in her beauty

unsure in a wash of green.

First borne of the new addition

her siblings wait until their time

beneath a spring sun they will come forth

and share their gift to eyes and a scent

to carry on soft winds on balmy nights

slipping in quietly through the window to find

the dream swept souls beyond the wall.

This is our mystery gardenia….not sure why they call it a mystery but it did give one bloom yesterday that smells so heavenly. I couldn’t help but to share. We planted it beneath the bedroom window so as it grows taller, it will find us in our sleep, kissing us perhaps with sweetest scented dreams. There are other buds so more or on the way, a happy thing indeed.

In soft smiles

I pluck them out one by one

petals falling to the ground

still beautiful but too far gone

one by one I lift each petal,

softly smiling as I smell their scent.

I gather the nicest of the petals in my hands,

carry them through the room to the half opened door,

the steam of the shower greets me

along with “is that you”?

and then laughingly he says,

“I’m glad you’re not a robber.”

Because he’s armed with nothing

except drops of water, a towel and a smile.

I toss the petals at his feet

decorating the bath mat with loveliness,

as he looks at me a bit bemused

but what’s a girl to do

when a hand full of beauty

is all that now remains of these stemmed wonders,

he laughs softly and I smile,

I gather them up as he stands and watches,

and the humid air hangs

like the sound of our day,

little things to make him smile,

I had no rose petals,

but the tired tulips will do,

just for you ❤

He (super hubby) told me to buy some new flowers while I was out shopping and when I returned and began pulling out the dying tulips out of the vase that had only lasted a few days, they fell apart all over the counter. I gathered the petals up and when he was coming out of the shower, scattered them at his feet with a chuckle. I think he enjoyed my fun humor, and the new flowers have now taken over in the vase. Hope they last a while longer, much cheaper too. Have fun my friends, smile, laugh and love. K

Garden of souls

Did we know then as we moved through the darkness

searching for the light with each day that passed,

our vines reaching

twining in and amongst the hardness of the world,

never allowing anything to put up a wall

to our destiny

that we would be in this here and now?

How we began so small,

tender stems reaching for the sun

as if it meant death to relax a spell

that we would be torn apart and trampled upon

ground into the earth

to begin once more

before seeds could be planted ensuring

all of the tomorrows that would be.

Emotion and thought become leaves

that begat flowers of quiet grace

that decorate the landscapes of our human minds

and somewhere within

there lies this amazing power that gives growth its chance,

we rise and rise a bit more

curving round through each instance

creating a secret garden of the soul

tended and cultivated to become

the entrance to forever.

We wind and move

push and pull our ways out of the despair

to find that bit of sunlight that waits patiently

and around us, the angels watch from afar

guiding us to the destination

we grow strong and live in joy for our moment

and with the coming of the moon,

curl around to sleep until the light rises again

and we can dance on the whispering wind,

delicate and silent in our garden

we will dream of eternity

as beautiful as the stars that sing lullabies

to our vain petal ears.

We will move in and amongst

these walls we create,

although some will reach outward and away

with leaves reaching towards the sky,

wayward vines catching all that move by

they too hold their purpose

to go higher and farther than imagined

and leaving behind those that can only dream

clinging to their arbors

afraid to make that leap,

and in doing so, wind and twist and wonder

never able to realize how high is the sky?




Enchanted I am drawn towards the striking beauty in the corner, a wallflower so to speak that sits idly by waiting for admiration or a simple acknowledgement of her existence. She beckons to the lens to fall upon her charm, dancing a slow languid waltz in the southern breeze, rippling in her most luxurious finery. Velvet gown worn demurely, past her knees if she were of an age to worry, she has the company of her sister while they wait for their youngest to come into her own and bloom beside the matrons. Her time is short  for the dance, and in a frenzy she moves faster in her place, eager to be plucked from the others that sit quietly around the greenery and I do so want to place her in my hands and take her for that final turn but knowing in my heart, if I were to do so, she would bow her head in shame later for the exchange, in selfishness I would watch as she slowly faded into a dull color and die, just for that one dance. I cannot be selfish with this creature, for she is true beauty living freely. I capture her rippled smile instead and am content to let the wallflower finish her days in peace, amongst her sisters in arms, and I share her instead with the world that will never see her beauty except for here on this piece of real estate she calls her home, for she has be clouded me and I am the better for it. I can only see through the finder, enamored with elegance and humbled by her gift.

As the magic banana turns….

Well Colin blew through without too much residual damage and I thought I’d pop in and give you all an update on the magic bananas. Now I feel like a stalker, just so you know, going out at dusk to capture the not-so-elusive species and the above picture is actually in color, I just took it as the sun went down, above my head, picking a specific one so I could track its movements. So this here magic banana, whom I’ve decided to name Clyde, as I already had a Colin in my life this week, well, Clyde just hung there like a…well, like a proud magic banana saying “look at me” so I waited till he wasn’t looking and snapped his pic. So today I go out to see how Clyde has progressed and Clyde is now a Colleen I think, all pretty and such:


So I guess one day is all it takes for a banana to change it’s skin….but now we find they are messy little creatures, dropping their peels all over the place, and to make matters worse, they look like a brown Mr. Slithers lying in wait in piles all over the place. I will check tomorrow and see if Colleen dropped to her demise….strange money tree magic. I like to think for every magic banana we make some money….hey, does anyone want to buy a magic banana. They’re on special 2-4-$1…..act fast, they don’t last long 🙂

In other news around my yard, new hibiscus are blooming and looking all lovely in the front yard:


and the Bromeliad is sprouting tender shoots….I do so love my purple….sorry for the bad shot, refuse to stand in the higher greens lest Mr. Slithers deems to show his shiny face. Will try again tomorrow when I’m not wearing the Birkenstocks….

100_1656.jpgJust thought I’d show you the things I find in the yard…No pics of Slithers….he’s shy that way ….and fast….and if I dicker around too long trying to take his pic he may decide to run to the shadow that I’m probably casting and then we know what will happen next.I will die a sudden and unfortunate death from a heart attack….not ready for that….ever!

Dancing on the wind

Secret gardens lie in wait
as magical winds wind their way into place
for the ball of beauty about to begin
like a thousand dancing petals
swaying back and forth
welcoming us to join in.

I move my thoughts on streams of breeze
nestled amongst the colored leaves
spinning round with endless glee
the flowerbeds and me.

Beneath the curtains of bluest skies
waltzing around the paths we make
stepping lightly in a sprightly groove
we watch the blossoms shake and move.

A dance of Spring moving into the new
beneath the magical eye of the moon
as the rhythm of a beat is heard within
we cannot forget to start again.

To dance with life as seasons move
leaving behind the thought of winters gloom
with color popping everywhere
we come to live without a care
and find the peace dancing sweetly there.

Little lavender (a haiku)

Sweet lavender blooms

A scent that calms the senses

Peace lives here at home.
Tabletop flower

Replacing fresh cut bouquet

Shelf life much longer.
Brown thumb will attempt

Water and love to keep life

Stay alive dammit.

We’ve traded in the usual fresh cut bouquets for this pretty little lavender…now let’s hope Kimmie brown thumb doesn’t kill it😊

Softly she comes

I thought it was gone before it began. Curled so tight into itself next to a deformed bloom that made it about half way then quit right where it stopped, half whole and dying. For days it remained there, clenched in its shell, the hidden beauty shy with the rest of the bunch. I walked out this morning and didn’t even glance her way, why would I, for she was not going to make it through the day, she wasn’t worthy as a big green tight pod sitting in water that evaporated daily, but I left here there….waiting….and waiting. 

Something happened overnight, perhaps some magic seeds twinkled in the midnight hour upon her sad self. Cinderella got her gown on and when I awoke, was mesmerized by her finery. Here the big bloom that couldn’t, finally could, and did she ever. Petals of peachy silk softness illuminated by the filtered sun, sitting there taking up half the vase and giving the daisies a run for the money in the looks department. She looked almost haughty in her upright uptight gorgeous way, saying look at me, look at me, the runway model of lilies she is, preening in her silky soft peachy petals, a center point of becoming. Here when I had almost given up hope, thinking my brown thumb did something wrong to deform the one and stunt this one, a miraculous sight surprises me yet again…..and did I tell you she has a little sister now too waiting to bloom? Priceless happiness from a four dollar Publix bouquet…..splendid indeed.