Solitude in flight

Feathers carved in natures stone
curved and fluid we fly in dreams
far and away into the stars
dotting the sky like miracles born.
Tagua found hanging on white walls
I touch each color and feel
the caring imbedded in each piece like love.
Lightness of being I find
the slipping of images floating by
I cannot touch nor do I dare,
for to mar the edges of beauty
would wound the heart too much,
and I watch the peaceful master create
over and over again the scenes
like dreams rising to fruition,
from nothing something comes.
I am eager, I feel the sensations
of something bigger coming
and I smile while in my dream I fly,
to touch down on a distant planet
I curl into a ball to sleep
and thus am created in the mind
of a hand that etched
my soul filled presence.

Learning more about vegetable ivory (Tagua nuts) that are carved and made into jewelry too. We sell the necklaces at work but this morning I looked more into what they are. A beautiful image found on the internet….but I’d love to have that piece. A chimera carved into the nut 🙂

Growing wings

When we were small
tiny in a too large world
bits of fluff clinging like moss
to our new selves,
comparisons were often made as we stood
teeter tottering through the maze
of learning of our existence.
We were told someday
we would fly high if we tried
but to take our time
the world would wait and we needed to learn more,
follow more,
before we could be more.
I believed we could
be like those I saw on quiet summer mornings
meandering on breezes
lost in thought
cascading in endless flight-
and I was there too
in my mind,
the child’s eye sees so much more
than credit is ever given
from different perspectives,
small yet still
so very large in scope.
As our feathers grew,
we were trained in manners
and what was proper and what we couldn’t
shouldn’t do
and then we became dry,
our tiny feathers brittle with non use
and we hid in corners flapping them
wishing them to grow faster
to carry us away
where our dreams somehow lay
beyond the concrete and darkness
we knew there was light,
for we saw it in the eyes of others
the fine multi colored flocks who held laughter
and a shine in their eyes,
for they were taught
yet ignored the lesson,
instead jumping off ledges to strengthen
their wings and feathers full and beautiful to see.
We watched them in awe,
knowing there was a truth in there somewhere,
and knowing that what we were taught
had somehow turned into something so wrong,
that there was a world out there,
with many species of us,
shapes, colors and sizes
and so we stood on our shelf
and edged our toes to the limit
and closing our eyes falling forward
as the wind rushed into our faces
and we felt the fear of failure,
flapping our wings for a moment in desperation,
we saw that they had grown so long
the magic happened when we paid it no mind,
and we turned them this way and that
catching the breeze that carried us
through the window of perception and beyond,
we had found that in letting go,
we could soar.

And we fly

We never knew how except in our thoughts,

how to step into that place filled with hope and light,

yet we knew the magic was in there

and oh, how we searched high and low

not sure exactly what it was we were seeking,

just that we knew that somehow it was real.

The happiness and joy of our yesterdays

floating our love like balloons on strings

watching as it tagged along wherever we went

and being dismayed when we found it had escaped.

But the best kind wasn’t tethered,

wasn’t held tightly,

but set free to follow when it was ready,

but even then it didn’t follow

and we looked high and then low

wondering what has happened,

where has it gone?

Then one day we peered into the looking-glass

and find to our surprise,

it was always there, not following

but a part of

a piece of our beings that shone so strong

and we wanted to lock it up lest it hide away again

and as we tried we saw the light dim

for it didn’t want to be hidden

and it didn’t want to be held down and kept like a dog on a leash

and so we uncovered it

we showed it to everyone with each smile we gave

and we shared it with others

because as that happened,

it began to shine even brighter

almost blinding us and that joy,

that laughter and happiness overcame us

and we knew then that as long as we kept doing this,

it would keep rising higher and higher

and it was carrying us along with it

and we flew so high

with no fear anymore of letting go what was our true nature,

for we now knew the magic

and we soared.

awesome image taken by my friend Steve at a balloon fest somewhere in NY ❤