A New Kind of Down: The Breath & Bones of a Writer (a book review)

I am not normally known for doing book reviews as you all know, but every now and then when I actually find the time to read one from cover to cover without wanting to set it down and walk away, then the time is prime for a review. I ordered Tremaine’s book on Amazon a few weeks ago and have now gone through it not once but twice. I was already familiar with Tre (as she’s known over at her blog which can be found at https://simplesoulsister.com) and her writing, and of course her tales of life with her cute little dog Jernee over at her other blog https://ajerneeofsurprises.wordpress.com and as a fellow dog lover I am often tickled by the antics of her “globe eyed little monster” and have become a dedicated follower of her blogs. This is the first book I’ve purchased by Tre and let me say, I have no regrets what-so-ever. Opening my mailbox to find the brown envelope from Amazon was only the first happy point of receiving it, and upon further inspection as I sat down with my coffee, gazing at the peaceful image on the cover and reading the bio on the back, I couldn’t wait to dive right in. I did not put it down once. This is her third book and not having read the other two (yet) I can’t do a comparason but I know for me, third time’s a charm and trust me, I was charmed.

I can tell that this book was a labor of love and it shows. While reading it, I felt as if I was peering into her heart with each word she wrote, and it often took me back in time to that of my own life, remembering my younger days and the emotion and passion that slipped into each relationship, failed or otherwise that was a lesson in and of itself. The pain spelled out like a story of love held me captivated from beginning to the end, always hoping in my way for the starry happy outcome, I was left cheering her on to bigger, better and amazing things for her future. The poem “Realizing Reality” was exceptional (page 7) and Get High (Get Gone) was a sultry little piece that made me smile. Without a Doubt (page 40) was another piece that flowed splendidly and spoke to my soul, reminding me of me when I was in my youth, the longing of love and the way she writes it out, is almost as if she’s speaking directly to you, reminding you of the feelings of life and love that we all at one time or another have felt. It’s not often that a writer can slip you into their world so effortlessly and taking you along on the journey with them. There were so many pieces here filled with such brutal truth and deep substance that I could go on and on but I leave you to grab your copy and judge for yourself. I wouldn’t want to give away all the goods but this, this is the essence to me. The one sentence from Fool for it all, Including You sums up my favorite phrase: “We are in Amazement. Standing among greats in a tiny space, Searching for gems. I rely on the Sanity of love’s Grasp in the middle of time and space….and here, I always seem to find it.”     In her writing, I found a place, a space where the heart lives and breathes.

Her writing in this book is a compilation of free verse, quatrains, haiku and flash fiction. with each piece so unique and beautifully written from the heart. I can tell time was taken with this book, the flow of it and the rise and fall like the tides of the heart, like a beat or pulse in each piece, bringing it to life with her touch. I honor this book and the soul that wrote it, knowing it will be kept on the special shelf in my blue room which houses the sacred books that touch me. This book was published and available through Lulu and is also available on Amazon (links below) and I believe at Barnes and Noble. I highly recommend Tremaines book and know that if you grab a copy, you too will feel the passion of love and loss stir in your soul…and perhaps like it was for me, a heavy sigh as the last page finished and a feeling of leaving me longing for more, even if just a page or two or ten.



Rating: Five out of five stars


We folded each sense into form

cast to the skies on wings like a butterfly

floating into the night air

we captured the stars.

Creating each piece with words and silence

we hum along to a faded tune from yesterday

still alive and residing at rest

in the peace of the universe.

What beckons us to search these crevices

knowing somehow and somewhere within

that more must be waiting for discovery

and as we push aside the darkness to find magic

the light illuminates the soul with gladness.

We have come as others have before

to bear witness to miracles and laughter

the song of the heart that transcends even death

and we hold it gently in our beings

knowing we are a note in the grandest symphony,

wordless, we move with the rhythm of life.

Ghost of life

We are worn smooth

Grainy finish tempered by the hands of time

Broken down unknowingly

With each step we take across

The threshold of our days.

We never notice the changes at first

Beginning rough on edges

Not quite finished until we progress forward

For we are born to be forged

Into that which we choose to become.

Like the endless rub of the minutes passing,

Each stroke

And every storm that weathers 

Leaving each corner just a bit more rounded

And so very strong as we stand up 

Against the tides and weather,

Thickening where needed

On the edges where no one dares tread,

We emerge from the depths as the seas of life sink around us,

Broken at times

Yet still standing

And in the ending glow of days,

Our shadows extend to meet the eye

And the soul who ventures forth to glimpse

The perfection of what remains

When all else crumbled so easily

Is always inspired by the knowing

That we survived,

That it can be done.

We sit immersed in the calm

Rippled memories gather and return

Sticking like barnacles to life

So hard to remove

Yet still

A part of the new whole.

Plumeria pass

Past shell imbedded streets still cool

Comes the time before the sun begins

And the feet move along at a happy jaunty gait,

We reach the curve where the old fence guards

Empty yards as it decays into rusty tentacles,

The scent of plumeria rich on the air

Waving in a simple gulf breeze

Welcoming us to come and inhale

The seasons of this life.

Pale flopping flowers

Petals at our feet like the waiting

Of kings and queens to tread upon the blanket

Of pale pink silken bits

That fall like confetti

To the ground.

The season of slowness comes to bear

Warmth we find nothing to compare

And the blooming plants on this quiet morning walk

Fill yards and the magnificent spiked plants that reach out 

Waving their arms to the sky

There is no sound but for the birds,

The flocks wandering on grasses searching

Keeping wary eyes on the hounds as we travel by

And the legs that carry us

Still waking from slumber becoming loose

Muscles stretching keeping pace

In the morning place

Of home.

A beautiful morning walk as the sun was just beginning to rise up and the plumeria on the corner curve waiting, rich scents filling a moist air, a life to explore each waking morn. Photo found on Internet.

Could I

Say I miss you

Like the ground misses the drying healing effects

Like words that can make no sense

coming from these lips

Yet in between words never said

That thoughts of disjointed good times that wait

Like a child waits for Christmas

Or gift

Or happier days

And then it happens,

Out of nowhere

Here they come and this sudden joy,

Yes,,this bouyant laughter fills the spaces

Where emptiness sat like a teen at an exam,


Knowing there was something more and the words spill

Down and rushing,

Like a broken dam that falls on the witless souls who thought

This was how it was going to be forever

Because nothing changes

And everything changes

And we can’t stop the flood gates

While Rome burns and The southern cities fall below

The drowning waters that could be stopped

With simple words like

You are here again

And if we drown,

We drown together

And I can smile knowing that the loneliness is held

At bay like the tiger under the big top

Simply fed on a hug and a steak

Or the knowing that there is no fear,

Only a soft hand

To stroke the molten fur.
I hold no image to these words, simply let them stand on their own disjointed merit and regaining we balance after being away a bit too long. Into the trap door I fall again….bearings straight and smiling.

Letting go

Finding the key to the winding down

Of time and thoughts into

A package of broken knobs and pieces

Gathered at some time

For reasons and purposes now unknown.

It stands still in this land

Where thoughts move in dreams

Rocked into a state by hammock breeze

And the warmth filtering into the bones

Grown old as each minute passed by

Unspent and unused

Except by thoughts that ran away for a bit,

Took the trail marked paradise this way

And forgot about the concept of minutes and seconds

Because they always come back round,

But here we had forgotten

In the silence of just moving slowly

Caught adrift beneath blue skies

And birds that became new

Mocking us perhaps as they gathered

For a winter that approaches soon,

But here we sit

Toes dirty and brown with earth

Arms turning a hue forgotten before

Back in that land where time mattered

And left behind still for more Suns and moons to rise,

To greet and say daily goodbyes

Spent and in bliss

In this state of eternal nothingness.

Just some thoughts on the not a care about time passing by on this lovely vacation beneath a sun that calls us from within to partake in the daily Vitamin D lost to the North of us, living life as a dream and relaxation is the password to get in.

Untitled thought

There hung a moon in the ceiling of clouds

Hidden from view

Silver hues of grey filtering barely through

Seeking to sit a spell with an audience

Of one

And I drifted over, pushing aside the misty shapes

To make room on the seat of a craggy rock,

And I slid into a waking dream,

 I was moving on dark waters searching for round orbs,

Pucks perhaps that held magic

And I watched the comings and goings of the strangers around me,

If nothing else but to see how the game was played,

What the goal of finding these pucks meant.

The different colors meant different things

And I would grab one up

Only to find disappointment,

It wasn’t working,

Not like it was for the others,

So I stopped and thought surely, there must be a trick to this,

To gathering the right ones,

And so I watched to see which ones in particular were being picked up

And it seemed to me the lighter smaller pucks were the ones,

The others merely decoys,

And with a light heart I gingerly picked a shining luminescent white and rippled blue one,

The one that spoke to me the most,

And I looked up with the widest smile

And realized I was amongst the stars,

Behind the curtain of clouds

Hanging amongst the most beautiful shining lights

And I laughed aloud

And a sound like twinkling crystal filled the air.

It was a beautiful moment and I knew then,

To truly find the magic

Certain things needed to be done.

The darkest night of greys and black needed to be let go,

That I needed to seek out that divine light,

That I had to feel the purity in a heart

That had sat silent too long,

That had forgotten the magic

Of the piece of stars gathered

And wished upon with love.
Gearing back into writing mode with a jump start after reading the lovely poetry of a friend. Needing to Embrace the magic once more on this full moon Christmas Eve.

Beautiful art found at Janewatsonart.com

A Season of Joy

Happy Holidays to all from myself and my friend B over at Getting Through Anxiety. On this first day of winter may this holiday season find you find you surrounded with family and friends and the joy and love that the holidays bring.

The sky turns to white
No trace of blue remains
When asked if it will make an appearance
The sun decides to refrain.
The beginning of snow starts to fall
As the grass is covered in frost
Soon it feels as if warmth
Will be forever lost.
 The joyous sounds of carols
Sung round the Christmas tree
Leaves memories of laughter
That I carry along with me.
 The happy children peeking
At presents down below
Wondering as they shake them
Could it be a new sled for snow?
 I miss the days of long ago
When I was then oh so young
And the excitement for the morning
Waiting for it sleeplessly to come.
 Christmas is the time I love 
And I recall with laughter and tears
Of friends and family together
And the passing of the years.
 Of the merry lights that twinkle
And the cocoa by the jug
Of the crystal snow that falls 
Covering the gloomy ground with love.
 As I sit staring at the lights on the tree
I remember the beauty of this time of year
A time when we try to put our anger and sadness aside
Replacing feelings of unhappiness with cheer.
 Seeing family members
Sharing kind words with friends
Reading cards of greetings
That loved ones often send.
These things bring me happiness
A feeling that can never be taken away
There’s nothing I love more
Than the joy that is Christmas Day.



Moon dance

Beneath the glittering light

the shining moon gives

permission for the dance

to begin.

Feet lightly moving

gliding on air in abandon

joyous soul moves

to the rhythm of the night.

Holding loose the hands that guide

invisible dance of the midnight hour

silhouettes of clouds fall down

the dance floor dappled

moving in to shadow and light

here then gone

in loves delight.


The lapse

I danced between a million stars

Weaving in and out in a lively waltz

And there was such joy to be found

In the moment I was away

Caught in that second when the eye blinks

And the mind loses its bearing

Of where it was,

What it was thinking

Because the beauty so enthralled

The lapse was never noticed.

The little lights vibrated

Their frequency so high and in a crystal ringing pitch

 I heard everything in the chamber

Of an echo of silence

And it rang like the orchestra

Unseen in the pit below

Yet it was understood that they were truly there,

A melody played for me

The eternal tune of all that lives 

And of all that lives unseen in memories,

The crush blended like cream

Of a thousand or millions souls

Those that had lifted me to the ceiling of stars

To join in this ethereal dance

And like a dervish I threw my head back

And spinning round faster and faster

I saw the lights like a carousel

For in that moment I was a child again

Riding up and down on shining wooden horses

And I laughed out loud

Hearing the unexpected noise I stopped,

And the feeling of joy was suddenly unbound

And I stood there on damp pavement wondering

In that very second of escape

Had I really been there at all.

Oh the magic of a lapsed dream caught

In the act of being itself

In all it’s wonderful beauty.