Door to reminders

In sleep so deep you came
Been so long since you’ve stopped in
Lessons reminding me
Live in joy
And reach for the door
To your bliss.
I searched for the key
Under here and there
Misplaced or hidden
Determination all I have
And when the wild wind blew
The door stood ajar
Patiently like a flower in bloom.
You stood there laughing at my confusion
And this is all that matters you said
The moment of now
The truth of believing
Allowing myself to walk through
To the other side
To all the tomorrows shining
To the lesson I had forgotten
Subtly reminded in the ghost
Of a smile
Of a nod of the head that yes,
Imagining the future
Embracing the gifts
Of this moment.
Thank you again for your images
I smiled upon waking
Saying a quiet goodbye
Till next time.

It seems when I have something in my mind unsettled,the right people come to me in my sleep and dreams, reminding me of the answers I already knew, nudging me to have faith in the idea that all will be as it should if I just let it go and believe.

Someday now

Used to believe
Things just happened
And that was the way it was,
But the someday that never happened
Finally found me waiting
Saying here I am
Got lost along the way
But I see you smiling
And not so really sad
Because someday is now.
Someday is not never
Not forever
Nor ever after
But the day is now
And yesterday is gone
Tomorrow is still waiting
And I am reaching out for more.
More dreams
More joy
More love for life
And found that too
Lying patiently below,
Nudged to the light
Here without a fight
Just the overcoming of fear and worry
Just the letting go
Just the point
Of let it be
Setting the magic free
Within me.

Universal link

The beauty of connection
Intrinsically tied
By that thread of consciousness
The bond of truth
Souls grasping onto
One another to rise
Above the self
To be whole
As one.
The memory carries within
Pieces of past
Unaware at times
Till they spill forth
To remind us
Of where we have been
Of where we are going
Or where we need to be,
We are all a piece of the eternal puzzle
Our place waiting to be filled
Hands waiting to hold
To walk alongside on our journey
All one into the light,