Our lives-

pickup stick games

from youth to death

sliding out so carefully

each thought from beneath the balance,

never knowing if one jolt,

one movement affects the next thought

and so on

as we pull each one with carefulness and agility,

observing what is to come next

and then beyond

weighing our choices

as we look from each angle

making our decision

so thoughtfully.

How did they become this jumble,

for this is how the game is played

they are not Lincoln logs waiting to be built,

a pile of shapes and varying sizes,

these slim fragments of color are all the same

as we are all the same

we try in earnest fashion to win each game,

sometimes succeeding

sometimes moving and tipping the scales

this way or the other,

yet we keep going as if there is no other way.

Until the last stick is picked up

we pay close attention to each detail,

if we do this, what may happen?

Not until the game is over,

do we finally realize it was simply a game after all,

it became more fun when we took the risk

and chanced failure to do so,

there was always a do over until there wasn’t.

But if each stick were a person in our lives,

and we kept adding instead of removing

oh what a beautiful shrine we could build,

higher and higher into the sky

we would win every time,

everyone would have a chance or say

and we could live in balance

and harmony

until the end of our days.


Drive by blessings

A day like the rest
Rush rush coffee not yet down,
Dog summoned from the pile of whatever
Was the carnival ride equivalent
of the what she chose
to roll around in,
(Carnival rides for dogs are exciting,
Mowed frogs baking in the sun
And mashed into the fermenting grass,
Visiting deer drop off presents,
The chasing game,
The oh look shiny things game,
The Hey,lets aggravate mom and not come back
And maybe she will stay home and play with us
When we eventually turn up game,
Time to get up game, are you awake?
Lick, are you awake?
Get moving I gotta go game,
Clean the dog from the vile smell game,
The bark bark someone’s here, nope, no ones here game.
The doggy carnival of life.
Ok, ready to get to work,
Commute radio low, soothing
Look at the sky
What a glorious sight,
Pull off to the side to snap a pic,
Seatbelt off to lean out the window
I glance in the mirror,
Car coming up
Trigger mother voice in my head
If he hits you you’ll careen through the windshield,
Rush rush
Take the pic while buckling up….
All this for one photo,
Doggy drama
Paranoid thoughts,
But in the end,
So worth the sweet sunrise
That changed my day for the better.
My happy sunrise view from a car.

Essence of yesterday

I have been here
I have ridden you
My steed,
Through countryside
And ocean shores
Through wilderness of passing dreams
We were one
Cantering across the night plains
Through shadowed trees
On moon filled nights,
I stroked your mane
And held tight
My face on your neck
Inhaling your scent.
I gave you a name
Our secret
I cannot tell now
What that had been
Too far gone
Forgotten somewhere In the back
Of my mind
Where childhood dreams went to reside
Left in shadows alone.
But for those moments
There was only us,
The stars our guide
And behind that cabin
We rode tall grasses hidden from view
Of the other children
Playing games,
We had other things to do,
Cowgirl and horse
Princess and steed,
Ah those dreams….
You made me believe
That I was strong
You made me your master
And dubbed me
The cherished horse
Of magic.