Blooming in time

Words come haltingly like thoughts that fall

into the sphere of nothingness,

small and waiting

lessons learning

taking in the water to grow.

Dreams of flowers in golden fields

and I wake to blooms waiting for admiration

more to go,

more to grow

like souls and selves that rise higher

reaching for the light that often eludes

then one day stopping to absorb

the nutrient of words shared

to suck in the life of each lessons told

and we grow stronger

stems strengthen against the winds that blow

and we finally look around to see

with a heart filled with joy

with simple serenity

that we are born into what we were meant to become,

that we our us

the beautiful ones

and filled to overflowing

with courage and resolution

to stand proud

to be.

I chose not to follow today’s prompt, inclined instead after a day yesterday of soul searching reading and a lovely bloom in my vase, to write this instead. Hope it inspires strength in those that need it and reaffirmation that we are all beautiful. Peace and love and amazingness, K

Where dragonflies reside

She writes by the light

Cool white glow emits colors of beauty

Where dragonflies reside

She can be found.

Words spin like summer days

Low and slow and filled

With traces of each yesterday,

She will dream.

Beside the peace of a thoughtful moment

Gifts borne of loving souls

She sits grateful in her space.

As night slips in and a sun flickers into darkness

The pen will weave magic of another day

And the poet will extinguish the Tiffany lamp

She will drift off into tomorrow with a smile.

A beautiful gift sent with no note attached as to the giver of such a wonderful and splendid piece, shedding dragonfly light onto another gift of a lovely bouquet of roses and other lovely yellow and purple flowers. Our lives are truly blessed and if anyone knows who the kind giver of the Tiffany lamp is, please let us now. Many thanks are in order. 

Peace and love and endless gratitude,

K & J

A life of color

She gave to me the gift
Of breath
Of joy
Of dreams that wait
Ever so patiently.
She gave to me a mind
That seeks to be higher
A soul that finds peace
And a love that knows no end.
She gave to me a moment
To call my own
Beneath bright lights
A singular cry to mark
The coming
Of a child.
She gave to me her love
And filled me with laughter
With happiness and good
And today I realize
As each year marks in passing
The moment I became
Without the gift of her effort
I would not be.
I live a life of color
Where inspiration is found
With each page that turns
And each step taken
I am blessed to be alive
For yet another year to see
So many great and amazing things
And new discoveries yet to be.
Thank you to my mother for creating me
And thank you world for allowing me
To remain for a while more
To spread my gifts
To The world.

Thoughts on another birthday and feeling so blessed to be alive today. Looking forward to so many more of these too💜K