Where have they gone
Sweet flight of thought
Mind mired
Bogged down,
Watching the mouths
Open close
Open close
Nothing of importance said.
Peacocks fluff
Feathered foliage
Look at me
They seem to say
As they walk on by,
While the peasants toil
Their eyes say it all
As blood begins to boil
Work work work some more
You have no life,
So that we have ours,
New plumage needed
More wallets to fill
As somewhere
Down below
Foundering beneath the rubble
A single flower dares to seek
The sun on high,
Roots seek the moisture
A kind word
Needed to thrive,
To rise above
The fray
Of a wasteland.


We leave them behind
The trail to mark
Where we have been
How to return
As we wander the world
Searching for
The candy house
Of dreams.
We are starving
And know that out there
Is all we desire.
We can always return
Following the breadcrumbs,
The links,
The tail of the fable
Yet we are lost
Caught in our greedy desire
We need to stop
Rest a moment
And breathe deeply
The forest scent,
We must escape the witch that pursues
Our waking dreams
To realize
The nightmares are often
Our own making.
We have gone too far
And the path has been devoured
By the creatures in the woods
Who are just as
Hungry too.