Miss Apple and the headless chipmunk

spoiler alert…there will be talk of a dead critter here. Stop now or read on……

so I have two dogs, not large by any means, around fifty pounds each. Cute as a button they are and they love to cuddle too. their main past time is lunging at the window looking all vicious and barking like fools at the varmints.
They give me a heart attack endlessly streaking to the front of the house when they know there is a squirrel or other furry varmint there, which unfortunately means the furry critters escape up a tree, but then proceed to jump from tree to tree like the amazing Spider-Man to escape. Sometimes they even cross the road to evade he dogs, but these are sometimes smart dogs and they try to get there first.
I live on a hill, with blind spots and I am petrified one of these days it will not end good, so I scream at them and for the most part, ok, sometimes, they even seem to understand and if I’m lucky, even listen and stop.
Sooooo….the other day we went for a walk and there was a dead chipmunk (we call them chippies) in the road that the dog noticed. Me being the wise, or not so wise mom figured hell, I don’t want the idjits running into the road later for this and it was a very fresh death of the little varmint with shiny red blood so I picked it up by the tail and brought it into the yard for the dog.. Ok, Miss Apple (the dog)now has dead prize but does not know what to do with it except carry it around proudly, all, look what I caught mom proud. No harm no foul.
Advance two days, chippie now buried under snow. Hmmmmm….ok, hubby snow throws the deck where varmint last seen, boom, out the shoot and fifteen feet away into another snow bank.
Guess we will find it In July when this crappy snow thaws out, right?
Nope, other little dog digs it out of the snow and carries it around. Rock hard frozen like a piece of hard wood. Later we are in the house and I see blood on the carpet. Worried I go to investigate to see which pet is injured and there, thawing nicely on the white carpet is a now headless chippie. Little blood trail leading from the door to this spot. Oh, my, god!!! Now I am totally grossed out and they looked at me like, well, you gave it to us you idiot, what did you want us to do with it?
Lesson learned. Headless chippie back out. I am not sure where it went but I am sure it will resurface at some point in the not too distant future. After all, this snow has to melt sometime, right? Maybe the cat can catch them some new fresh ones in the meantime….um….yeah, right.
Vegetarian cats don’t catch anything except broccoli .