Holding grains

In sunny moments we reach out

touching the blue-green waters that seek our souls

feeling each tiny grain that moves beneath our feet,

we gather the love of this place in our hands.

Words like messages in bottles

bobbing in the mind like a beacon

we hold and read each line

then set it free to return another day.

Beyond this place the lives move on

chain saws buzzing like angry bees

and the sweat runs like a river from beneath the hat of straw,

we drink in the coolness of the water

and sit in shade to catch the meager breeze,

bodies worn and sun-kissed

the chilled and achy muscles say lets rest

as the clouds move in and lightning strikes

echo the atmosphere with their cosmic voice,

nestled in cotton the eyes grow weary

and another day is halfway gone

but so much done

and I feel so blessed to know

that tomorrow will shine after the rain

and the work will wind down

giving refrain

as eve draws near we will sit and listen

to cicadas song

that never are as beautiful

as the gentle flow of tides moving through.

Spent the day cleaning up the neighbors downed fence that was covered in vines. Back breaking work and I could only do so much, no shade over there and baking in the sun chopping down strings of brown and green. Came home and cleaned up, exhausted, I slept for a little while and now refreshed. Real work resumes tomorrow. Hello AC 🙂

Universal link

The beauty of connection
Intrinsically tied
By that thread of consciousness
The bond of truth
Souls grasping onto
One another to rise
Above the self
To be whole
As one.
The memory carries within
Pieces of past
Unaware at times
Till they spill forth
To remind us
Of where we have been
Of where we are going
Or where we need to be,
We are all a piece of the eternal puzzle
Our place waiting to be filled
Hands waiting to hold
To walk alongside on our journey
All one into the light,

To have and to hold

To hold
In the palm of your hands
All that really matters,
To give away freely
Handing out in abundance
All that matters in the world
You will find an empty palm,
But oh, those hands opened
Can therefore hold much more
Than what was given.

Simple thoughts for today.
Given in joy and with love,
Is the ultimate a person can
Bestow on the world.
Care and share
Care and share.