Elements of primary

Whimsy found in the unexpected
quiet places bathed in color,
come calling to the childhood soul
play awhile and remember me,
in a glade of giggles
we spin round and welcome
the return of youth.
Crayola hues of red, yellow and blue
touches something within the soul
that sheds the mantle of age
for just enough time to bring joy
to a tired mind,
recharged in abundance of belonging,
laughter and mirth in a quiet place
where the child inside
can again play
with the forgotten tools and sights
of a rainbow hued herd
that silently wait
to make merry.

The hula hoop holder frogs in the childrens garden at Marie Selby….a magical land found behind the waterfalls and past the hugging tree. Picture taken by me.

Alignment of being

Haphazard dreams filtered

and the coolness of night breached,

we slip through the realms of being

and discover the space that lies waiting

between the now and then.

A voice heard through the essence

of silver lined clouds on high,

a whisper of thought awakened

if we believe in words of wisdom,

and heed the calling to rise to more.

Spilling seeds of goodness,

we teach through kindness and love,

a simple essence of soul flowing through

a universe rich in abundance received.

We have come to the crossroad

and dig deep to make our choice,

weighing the value and worth

as one step taken shines light

how right we were as we moved through

and found the light we sought.

Coming to now

Entering the portal of truth,
the mind set free to wander
aimlessly to its desire,
dreamt worlds stand at the ready
united in the now.
Faces and places come together
in a riot of color like waving flags,
lifted by simmering breezes
the heat moves past the fire
igniting the soul in bliss.
Open to the realm,
possibilities endless before us
to pick and choose our desires
and create the world in kindness,
starry nights guide the mind
to fall into the moment
so big yet so small
but perfect in every way.
Coming to now we feel
the flow of peace course through,
streams of consciousness never hindered
roaming round to the open sea
washed away on a wave
of love divine.