Roll out the…..

Shopping almost finished
thanking the internet Gods that save
the drive of a thousand miles
in search of the perfect gift,
and recipes found inspire
though the time just can’t be found,
for we need some home made cookies now….
Perfection tried and true,
if someone could just say
I’ll make some for you….
and send ’em in the mail right now
for at Christmas time I love to dine
on sugar, chocolate, cakes and pies
and a perfect ham to swell my thighs
but I can wait for Santa Claus
’cause he knows just what the child wants
that lives within this older shell,
he’ll bring me stuff to make me smile
and till then we shall shop and buy
just what it is that catches the eye
but home made food just can’t be found
when touched by Mom who bakes the best
there is no contest to be found
’cause Mom’s just know
I like ’em round and soft or crisp
it’s all such a delight
and nuts and chocolate bits, candies too
but wait there’s more I’m telling you….
the scent just drives my heart insane
of childhood favorites by any name,
but Lovie’s gonna make me some
with chocolate bits and pecans too
and perhaps I’ll even share with you
’cause me loves cookies
that’s for sure
when made with love that is so pure.

I think I’m a wee bit tired…shopping for lovie almost done and yes, I could go for a good cookie right about now….a bit of sugar to perk up the senses. Just a stream of consciousness cookies piece for you, enjoy ❤

We wear it well

Life savored,
samples of bliss on pretty dishes
elements of the universe served
one of each for you and me.
We gather in our tribes
celebrating the beautiful days
the crumbs of happiness caught on lips
smiling with full mouths
of joy.
These dreams we carry with us
packed up and set within invisible cases
slung over the shoulder and peered at
while waiting for the light to change,
green we move forward
creeping and taking time to just inhale
the feelings of our being.
Flowers in a vase and champagne taste on tongue
a fine chocolate and a held hand,
the finer shades of bliss
we swim in the depths
below a setting sun,
blowing our seeds of laughter and joy
on the wind carried
into tomorrow.

Having an amazing day. I accepted the job offer for which I blissfully applied, and for a moment, savoring in the joy of this life and the gifts it brings. Manifesting on with a smile and skip in my step.