We stand in the midst of memory
peering in to the past of thoughts
stirring the smooth calm surface
watching the ripples come and go.
Reflection of yesterday and tomorrow
we set ourselves apart,
out of the fray of emotion
we watch objectively as time unfolds,
a part but not of
as colors move like light
shining on into the spaces
and filling the void with the breath of life
as the day to day blends
coming together into a whole,
we give thanks for the experience
of learning and letting go,
gathering together into an embrace
the best of all that remains.

Spent the last two days emerging from the dark ages with a new phone each for my love and I, realizing that where technology is concerned, I am not the most patient soul, but all is set and good. Now on my lunch break at work, I will be able to play a wee bit of catch up on WP and comments. Life is indeed good.

Skies of peace

She plants her garden
high on hills beyond the sight
of mortals passing through,
step by step she knows the beauty
of gentle petals swaying
like her thoughts,
blowing in the wind.
Faithful companions keep pace,
shaking off the dew
as another shallow morning sun sits
waiting for entrance
beyond the clouded curtain.
There is a gentle peace found
as restless moods dance like grasses
to and fro in a delicate twist
round to bow and lay beneath
the feet of the soul that treads lightly,
and she closes her eyes,
knowing ever inch of the way
to take her higher
to the secret garden
that calls her near
to bestow her gifts
and the blossoms of a fading summer
that line the sill
of darkened windows
waiting for a return
of a smile.

Beautiful image taken by my friend Donna P💜💕her favorite flowers.


We dig in
as feelings over-ride the sanity,
lost in this lost world
searching for answers
that dig in deep like roots,
out of sight of rational being
we trip on the unexpected thrust
of an emotion.
No words find the tongue
as the heart covers beneath
a blanket of tiredness
and a search that teaches nothing
we are mired in the thick of fear.
The knowing of repetition finds
and stirs the pot of goodbyes
again and again we need the connection,
little things that push back up
a feeling of being a part
and something bigger than this prevails,
bringing back around the lonely soul
that remembers through tears,
not yet ready
just satisfying the message
that breath is being made
in and out
I exhale this darkness
and reach for sustenance
of a long lost being.

Returned from a lovely vacation back home after a two year absence, had a wonderful meetup with a beautiful soul(Tre) while away and a return home to find my sweet cat missing (the cat sitter had not seen her for a week but the food was being eaten so she thought Smokey was just keeping out of sight). Better or worse, found out the food was being eaten by a stray cat. It has been over three weeks now of watching and waiting, running the gammut of grief and giving myself a gift of some time at a shelter, spending an hour petting and loving the cats that need it as much as I. Say a prayer for little Smokey and I apologize for not being around, just coping the best I can, I know you understand. Loss and me do not get on well together. Still feeding the stray and hoping if she is still out there, someone else is doing the same for my little furbaby. Peace and love, K