Rusted wing

She stands alert
graceful amongst the scents of her home,
herbal cocktail of greenery
balanced in her beauty,
unaware of the ravages of time.
Rusted in places she preens
in her faded beauty
the starlet of the garden struts her stuff
bringing a lightness to the day.
She has lived many years
beneath the violence of a storm
and the warmth of a giving sun,
she knows how to share all that matters
with a pinch of this
and a pinch of that,
always with a smile
we say thanks.

Our flamingo of the herb bed, getting a bit worn but no matter, she’s still as beautiful to us today as she was on day one. Happy Monday peeps, hope it’s a good one and don’t forget to smile 🙂


A wise sage told me
There’s never enough thyme to
Watch the basil grow.

Lemon grass dries crisp
Thirst quenched with citrus nectar
Summer memories.

Mint of mojito
Glass sweating icy tears wet
Puddles on table.

Honey chipotle
Hot sweetness of love on fire
Your touch seasons me.

Thoughts on a day spent in the kitchen, cheese bread warms on rack, pot roast cooking, wine chilling and friends arrive soon. Peace and blessings for a seasoned day.