Mood of flight

Stirring the senses
tall drink of skies fill the heart,
sister moon sings sweetly
as ears wait open for the wisdom told.
Stacked thoughts are patient
heralding the moment of bright stars above,
as song fills the memory and carries on
into the soul of another new day.
In a dream I flew amongst angels,
as long ago the souls boarded in
and flew so high we could not see
anything remaining but the snapshots of faces
and the memory of ghosts dancing on Scottish grounds
walking to the place they were beckoned
and I knew her,
the girl with the brightest smile
and I have found this peace
in a place from yesterday
for in the deep throes of sleep I hear
the voices of yesterday say
follow the path to the now
for tomorrow will come
and yesterday is gone
so embrace the breath drawn and love
with a heart that knows no bounds.

I had a strange dream (on the anniversary, which I did not know at the time) of the plane crash in Lockerbee Scotland where we had lost a girl we knew from my high school, and in my dream I was in the airport having forgotten to get my ticket before boarding, I walked back to the gate and found another friend who had a shopping bag from where I work but she didn’t recognize me and I laughed to think I had changed that much. She made me miss my plane chatting and that plane I was supposed to be on crashed. When I woke up in the wee hours of the morning, I popped in to FB and saw a posted article from my hometown paper about found things in the Scotland crash that had survived. One of the only comments on the post was from the girl who delayed me in my dream. Must be full moon season and I’m still grasping for wisdom from that dream.


Drifting on delicate dreams
shifting through scenes
faces remembered familiar,
to the heart center
resting in slumber.

Scents of yesterday
decoration sits in its finery
reds and greens and berries
aromatic in its elegance
air of memories.

Casual and calm morn
the silence beyond robed in fog
hanging and waiting for yellow orb
dallying below the horizon
waiting the entrance to the ball.

Silver threaded scenes play out
as eyes close and we inhale the moment
and time tick-tocks by like a dance
one two three one two three
she rises and joins the merriment
of another day.

A beautiful centerpiece on our table, alas the juniper is setting my sinus’ off like an alarm. If that’s the only worry, I guess it’s an easy peasy one. Life good, counting down to the weekend and a 3 day reprieve to eat, drink, be merry and dream sweet dreams. Peace and blessings my friends and happy Winter Solstice. Woke to a morning deep in fog and eerily silent. Love those days.


Time moves forward and I stand silently
reaching out for more and finding empty cupboards
in the minute and hour cabinet,
Breathing in and out to see the light rise,
knowing at times the need whispers quietly
to sit a spell and just let go.
Time calls me for refreshment and renewal,
a short little span
but will feel so very long indeed
when my heart lies between words
and I set the pen down and leave pages blank,
the time is upon for rest.

I am taking some time off for at least the next week. A long span of straight work days and the holidays rushing towards me like a freight train, and a sick dog again leaves me no choice but to set aside to tend to the needs in my little universe. Peace and blessings my friend, if I have a spare moment, I may stop in to read a bit for some inspiration but I shall be back after Christmas when things calm down. Wishing you love and joy and so much goodness this holiday season. Peace and love always, and see you soon. Continue reading