Sweetly saved

We feed the need within’
walking aisles
meandering aimlessly,
wasted yet pleasured time
and avoiding
the empty spaces
as the demise of orange and black
gives an early birth to green and red.
Spirit sings softly
come, have a look-see
down this way pulled like children
memories play out as I gaze,
remembering the gentle days
of torn pretty papers and bows
and the box that was always found
holding the sweetness
in circles.
How something has shifted
deep within as we struggle through nights
chaotic nightmares follow us like wolves and sheep
till we wake at dawn
under the moon lights lamp,
wondering at the thoughts
that made the heart thunder
like summers in the sky above.
We always chose favorites
then and now our tastes changing
and the cherry red has moved
to the calming cream of coconut,
scents inspiring the soul to dream
of yesterdays once more.
The sugar on the tongue
making the medicine go down
in a delightful way day after day,
we circle round to reinvent,
finding ourselves pulled to the moments
where joy lived
and housed in pretty boxes
once a year given,
brings a quiet light and laughter
to the wondering heart.

A strange night of heart wrenching nightmares and a beautiful morning walk, cool and peaceful. Balance of life I suppose. I went to do some shopping and usually I abhor the idea of Christmas intruding when Halloween has just ended….way too early, but I drifted down the seasonal candy aisle and was tickled pink to see the lifesaver Christmas boxes. Remembering how I had gotten one every year in my stocking as a child, and I didn’t think they even made them anymore. Of course they were across from the Halloween inspired kids cereals on clearance, but no, I did not buy any scary apple jacks or boo berries….nor did I buy the lifesavers. Do they even make coconut flavored ones anymore? Things that go through my mind. Sweet ❤

A nudge from the universe

As I sit glancing at the images

beautiful thoughts filling my mind today

and all of the blessings that have been given.

So far from yesterday yet still so close in heart

I see the magic of spirit around me

of those no longer here.

Gentle games they play with me,

numbers I adore come unexpectedly and I watch,

waiting for more

as I think of a person who wrote so long ago

and a passage that always comes to my mind,

as I turn to the next read on the universal web

I see his words staring at me

almost as if in a taunting smile

that to believe in the goodness around,

keeping the heart light and the spirit strong

I am moving in the right direction

with nudges from the universe.

I laugh then just because

and it feels so very good down within,

to set free the spontaneity of joy

and to feel so very thankful today

and every day,

how these moments let me know that it will be,

the magic will continue to spin around

wrapping me in its sparkling embrace

as I light a candle or two or three

giving light and love to a festive moment,

I am humbled by these gifts

and give thanks.

Changes in life

I am always amazed by the twists and turns that this wild ride called life take us on. Less than a year ago I had a job in the manufacturing sector, I was a salaried person who enjoyed some aspects of my work but hated the stress of it. After moving to Florida and taking off almost 8 months of not working I decided it was time to get back out and do something, anything for that matter. I grew tired of idly sitting by and swimming and beach going and even writing can only take me so far. I posted applications for jobs that I thought would suit me, similar in a way to what I was doing but then some that were so far removed as to be almost what I thought a bit embarrassing. I posted my resume with a company and in ten minutes received a phone call of interest. Now I’ve worked in manufacturing for 17 years, a manager at a pizzeria for 10 prior to that. I’ve worked since I was 15 years old as I was taught that I needed to take responsibility for my life, make money, get an education, etc….but I was never taught that I needed to enjoy it or have fun doing it.

Imagine my surprise now, having worked my job for two events so far and what a pleasure it is. No stress really (except for setup), and I am working at a Walmart but not for Walmart. I stand and hand out treats, snacks, coffee, etc….today will be my third day and once again am doing coffee but this time with Torani flavorings, Toasted Marshmallow, Bourbon Caramel and sugar-free S’Mores, and to go with Anna’s Ginger and Orange flavored thins cookies. I am excited lately again. I get to go to work and get paid to talk to over 200+ people each day, make them laugh and smile, I’ve even sold the product too and nothing makes me happier as when a customer circles back, holds up the box and yells over to me “I found it” and puts it in their cart. I get paid to have fun, to see smiles and yes, even to listen to the music on the overhead speakers and I dance a bit and sing to myself….and I get paid for this. Where has this job been all of my life? Now true, I’m not going to make millions but really, I have gotten to the point where if I can go to bed at night and know I did good, made someone laugh and generally had an awesome day, how can one go wrong? I had to change my mindset….get beyond the “I’m working at Walmart, sigh…” mentality and just do my best and enjoy. To be grateful and humble and truly excited to rise knowing today I’m going to see a new flock of faces and come home smelling like sweet coffee and cookies, I’ll take it. As my buddy Tre says, it’s truly the little things….and what truth that is. I’ll save a cookie for you my friends, sorry but the coffee won’t stay hot long….have an amazing day 🙂