Building blocks

We exist in this space,

a vast expanse of that which is seen

yet strangely what most matters is that

which is never seen,

only imagined.

We come together through words,

song and music and the beauty of arts

bringing change through an idea,

another of the unseen yet still lingering there

somewhere on the space of the edge of reason,

we move forward driven

and not knowing why

we jump into the abyss of the unknown to find

that which we know we cannot touch

until we come before

like bubbling skies of clouds

somewhere within there may be

flashes of light and water waiting

for the right moment

as the winds come together in unison

a perfect moment is reached

and a storm is born to quench

parched souls and soil,

we dance below the indigo sight

becoming one with that which we are

nature and the undeniable self-created

a moment which is here then gone,

unlike any other that has been nor will be,

building blocks of the universe and dreams

collide with abandon

with spirit and everything that is.

“Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream.”  Debby Boone

Joy in being

There is in that tiny fragment of a moment

as we become conscious of our thought,

the name for that little emotion that slips through

becoming known as we are aware,

and the feeling as it floods the soul with the river of it all

when joy is the only thing standing at the tip of the tongue,

and laughter is its sound.

We hold onto those moments,

carefully guarding them like a petty child,

yet knowing we need to share and release

but oh how it hurts holding on so very tightly

for fear replaces the joy with thoughts of it being lost,

as if it would slip away from our tiny grasp-

and in holding on we starve the emotion,

the joy starts to become small

so we let go just a bit

and feel it begin to grow once more

learning that this is how it truly must be,

to hand it off to a friend,

to send that smile and the sound of a laugh

like the tinkling of wind chimes as it drifts through the air,

landing softly in the waiting lap of all.

Yes, this is how it must be,

to live that moment in a simple joy of being,

to grow the light

and to carry it forward into the day and night.

One at a time

I counted them all,

slowly savoring the moment in my fear

of not getting to the end,

of leaving one forgotten behind.

This is what had to be done,

seeing the images that left my thoughts jumbled

like graffiti images on walls

wondering whose hand did create,

what pain was felt when the slashes erupted

in spray painted skylines of wonder,

whose soul could feel this deeply

and were they just another number I counted

on infinite hands.

Could I be as he or she,

living in this bottle contained of joy and peace,

carefully sprinkled like stars on the heavens

and dusting the earth with an Oz-like magic,

could I invoke that smile through tears,

when hope seemed like the midnight sky

letting no light in through steeled clouds,

I still counted them all for I could see

behind the curtain there lay

another like me,

and another and like Pi

going on and forward forever without end,

could I too grasp the immense constellation

of this thing we know as love

and acceptance,

and the glow of warmth filled as I asked

and I knew the sensation of falling into it all,

lost in this pillow of a thousand feathers

and buoyed by the collective

of the universe together

holding hands to catch me as I fell.

When there are no words to describe

the flight of a million blackbirds in the sky,

dotting the blue with such beauty

turning the sun into a speckled yellow robins egg,

cracking the sky open as they dive and soar

I stand in awe some days

by these things I’ve seen

and these feelings that drift through,

I count them all,

for they are all so important

to my heart,

to remember

for when I no longer can

I hope to know once upon a time perhaps I had.


I’d like to….

“I’d like to see the world for once
All standing hand in hand
And hear them echo through the hills
For peace throughout the land”

I remember when I was a child, seeing a Coca-Cola commercial, thinking back now it may have been Christmas time when I saw it, and this song began with one voice, joined by another and then another….I’d like to teach the world to sing. It brought tears to my eyes as a child and I heard it on the radio a few days ago and again, the waterworks began. Such a simple song, truly but what it means in this day and age, means so much more now than ever. I’ve been wracked lately, overwhelmed by social media, of the attrocities happening around the world and it tears my soul up. Brutality against man and beast just leaves me tired and drained, oft times feeling as if one person can’t make much of a difference. But my friend Tre has been teaching me through her words about focus, strength, faith and I find it soothing to know I’m not alone in my feelings. This universe is crumbling at its core and so many feel helpless. I’ve been installing new and improved filters in my life, I have to be whole, strong and use my voice to uplift, not tear down. I need to let those tears flow and not bottle them up, to speak out where I see a wrong and to be a human of love. I’ve been tuning out alot of the negativity for self preservation. I need to be a better person by learning more about others, knowing I may not be in their shoes but that I can stand beside and at least try, to be a friend, to love all without fear and worry. Perhaps it may not be enough, but perhaps it could be a start for new friendships in this life based on empathy and knowledge and pure love. I’d like to teach the world to sing, and I’m learning the words first so that I can sing out loud and proud. Violence and torture must stop, in the history of man, it has never solved anything, only begetting more of the same, but love, now there’s somethhing we need more of, always. The best part about Love? It’s FREE! Te best gift to give and it comes with an endless supply too. I found this image on the internet the other day and I absolutely adore it. A beautiful creation by a beautiful soulđź’ś
Peace, love and above all, shine your light and sing.


Whose child is this,

perhaps a mermaid gift from the depths

on this tranquil shore tossed forward,

with a quiet smile she moves easily,

effortlessly across the waves

alone and bobbing around

as the sun quietly settles down upon her shoulders

locked in her own world

aware of only herself and the sea.

A beautiful moment to behold,

I reflect back to years gone by,

when I too was in the center of the wave

moving, rocking like a dolphin carefree

before life-like waves came in to crash down

covering the now aware self

into something other than the bliss of the here and now,

changing the innocence of play

into the fight for a place to fit in,

a mer-child forgetting for a while how to swim,

how to be carefree

how all that mattered was just love and peace

as the tides move in and out

I had forgotten how to float.

This child is me,

and I am her,

united in our worlds unknown to each other

yet together in spirit

free and moving

towards the beginning of night

touched like the sun resting lightly down in to the sea

together in spirit

of this beautiful life.

I know not who the child is, having watched her play alone with such abandon and joy down at the Venice Jetty, had to capture it to share. A beautiful child of peace and happiness.


Bridge of choice

“Between the silence of the mountains
And the crashing of the sea
There lies a land I once lived in
And she’s waiting there for me.

But in the grey of the morning
My mind becomes confused
Between the dead and the sleeping
And the road that I must choose” The Moody Blues

In the clear of light we see the path,

never sure which one to choose

yet to stand undecided is just a waste of time

and time is all we have.

The skies may darken as lightning strikes so far away

and we feel safe as we stand slack-jawed watching

wondering how far till touchdown and as we feel a single drop

still feel secure in our grandness,

in our ego we feel so high above it all,

nothing will mar our journey,

for we ask for guidance and know it will be given.

Yet we are surprised when the beast rises to threaten our calm,

when we are surprised by that which we see,

that which we know is not the right version of how our dream went,

and we shout to the mighty cloud, how dare you mar this moment,

we asked for perfection and you deliver us this storm

and as the water rises and we feel the fear wash over us we realize

we are only as mighty as our convictions, as strong as our faith.

Faith is what drives the soul forward,

pushing past fear to enjoy the thrill of each curve,

each turn our lives take,

for better or worse,

it is what sustains us in the darkness,

it is what guides us to the light of the path we should choose.

Trust in the words spoken within,

believe in the laughter that falls like rain on parched ears,

know the love that this space holds for us,

even though we cannot always see and the road may become treacherous,

hold the hand of the one in need,

through each storm we will gather

and move through to find the other side

where we will be whole

where we will be complete.

A post for a friend who I think needs to hear the words. Sent with prayers for healing and light and to know you’re not alone. Peace and blessings, K


Night falls over a tired soul,

Leaving random thoughts at the close of the day

On how truly we are blessed

By the kindness of friends,

By the strength of words,

By the hope for a new day,

For the depth of a thought for healing.

I cannot leave here yet tonight,

Without a simple thank you

For being you,

For hearing,

For understanding,

For a virtual holding of a hand

For it is here where I am alive,

It is here where I read souls like mine,

It is here where I belong

Lost amongst the words that move,

That shine

That become alive

From faces I may never know,

From places I may never see

But you make it real,

You make me smile as I lay me down to sleep

That this is all in life I need

To see me through

Until tomorrow comes to say


Good morning,

Welcome my friend, once more….

I am feeling so blessed tonight…thank you for all that you do, with each word, each smile…words are never enough. 

Peace, love and a healing light,


Her words found

Within the Elephants Trunk I browsed through aisles of donations given by invisible souls, music and clothes and the occasional stacks of dishes, things my grandmother may have once owned, stacked lovingly by hands priced to sell. I came to the back corner where stacks of books lay, separated into categories, not needing anything yet just looking , an old photo on the cover of a paperback drew me in. Her name was Liz, or so the book said and for a dollar and a quarter, I took a quick glance, seeing it was poetry about the thirties, the year, not her age and I walked up to the checkout with my sole purchase. As I began to leave, a steady rain began to fall. Beyond the window of my car I watched as I breathed in the scent…it had been too long since the rain fell here and it was so very welcome. I covered the book to protect it from the rain, patting the cover and not knowing when I’d get a chance to dive in, but happy I had bought it.

Today I began my journey into the pages of this woman’s life, seeing her memories through an woman’s eyes. She had lived in Massachusetts during the depression, and I began losing myself in the beauty of her words, as if she were telling me a story of what it was to be her. Each sentence gave my heart a thrill, for it was words that through simplicity, reached into my soul and the beauty within each page left me turning back and forth, searching deeper for more. I read for about an hour, filled with fear as I waited for the pain of the day I knew was to come, sitting in the waiting room of my dentist, a tooth soon to depart my jaw, and I found myself at such peace, holding this book, as if I were living her life. It was a book that came out in 2000. The poet was seventy five then and I wondered what had happened to this strong and amazing author, was she still alive I wondered and why did I pick that particular book out of the stacks that had now touched me so deeply. 

At the end of her written works, I sat looking at the pictures of her children and grandchildren and I felt as if I knew her, or at least what she allowed to be known. She ultimately ended up by the sea she said, next to the Gulf of Mexico near the palm trees in a city called Venice. It was then that I knew that perhaps, somewhere around here she lives, here in my new home town, and if she were now gone, perhaps her ghost drew me to find her story. How sad it would be, if she became just another soul, who upon passing, had her belongings swept up into tattered cardboard boxes and donated to the Trunk. I then wonder if someday when I’m gone, having no children myself, I wonder what will happen to my books, my poems, will there be a young woman in a thrift store, carrying home My story in her hands, eager for escape and a glimpse into another’s yesterday. I can only hope so, and I pray it is enjoyed and brings solace and peace on a day that isn’t so perfect for someone who was helped in healing by my simple words.

How to build a rainbow

A daunting task one would think

Is how to create magic

To build a bit of hope in another

To build a rainbow that reaches

Across the miles.

I looked in manuals and old text books

And there were gizmos and gadgets

Prisms and more

But not precisely what I was searching for.

So I sat right down and thought real hard,

What is it about rainbows that are special after all?

A recipe I made, and when I was done,

A piece of it I made for everyone.

To make a rainbow just add this:

A heaping bushel of friends,

A cup or ten of wishes

A pinch of soul

And ten shakes of beauty to make it hold,

A world of humans and animals too

And don’t forget some love that acts like glue.

Mix it all together and smear it on the sky

Then watch our feathered friends appear

To spread it far and wide.

Let it sit through warming sunshine

And some rain or teardrops too,

Then close your eyes and blow real hard

For it to shine clear through,

And hold each soul in your deepest thoughts

Wishing it to find that friend,

And they will feel the magic

From here to every land.

So if you look high above or somewhere deep within

Believing in the magic with a heart that can’t help but to care,

If you see the colors peeking out

You know that I’ve been there.

And now for our prompt (optional, as always)! Many years ago, “didactic” poetry was very common – in other words, poetry that explicitly sought to instruct the reader in some kind of skill or knowledge, whether moral, philosophical, or practical. Today, I’d like to challenge you to write the latter kind of “how to” poem – a didactic poem that focuses on a practical skill. Hopefully, you’ll be able to weave the concrete details of the action into a compelling verse. Also, your “practical” skill could be somewhat mythological, imaginary, or funny, like “How to Capture a Mermaid” or “How to Get Your Teenager to Take Out the Garbage When He Is Supposed To.”


Just a moment passing

A flickering of a light shines

From somewhere within,

Without settling,

Joined by others

Far away and near

This flickering increasing

Lighting the day with warmth

With love that moves

From wick to wick

Person to person

Reaching across the great expanse of that

Which is the heart

That beats steadily,

That loves unconditionally

That flickers to life each moment

A smile is given

And embraced like a hug.

Peace flows yet never douses the light,

Only intensifying to a blaze

To a bonfire that consumes and gives warmth

To those that ask

To those that whisper

Hello my friend,

Sit and stay awhile

Join me by my fireside

And we will embrace the moment

That is the here

And the now