Beyond dreamland

There lies a place,
tucked within the smallest crevice
where dreams come to play in the deep of night.
We linger and whisper to the stars
our tiny secrets of the heart
for shouting aloud to hear my now
was never the way of the skies.
I lay below the field of wonder
and quench my heart of love found high,
in the name of all,
I know the truth will conspire
to witness the falling of miracles.
For in the space between here and now
there is a blip of sound that can be heard,
from the universe that always hears
the faintest whisper of a feather falling,
it holds us in the warm embrace
and shelters the soul
in the arms of clouds,
and delivers with a gentle nudge,
the strength to carry us along.

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Seasons of abundance

Into the new day comes

a season of abundance gifted

through words and deed and simple things

grace is a beautiful thing.

We search the crevices for more

while forgetting to stop and thank

the creation of a shining universe,

fresh with the hope for tomorrow.

We cling to images and memories

somehow never feeling content in the now

till unexpected pleasures filter in

and capture our interest we find

all we ever needed was this one thing

peace of heart and love in infinity.

Gypsy dance

The skies moved with the light
interspersed with indigo haze
as if a gypsy dancer lingered
beside a fire lit from within,
moving back and forth
calling out in thunder
it’s voice profound and loud,
vibration activated the beat
of a heart sitting by like a wallflower,
join in the dance it seemed to echo
and as we stood in awe and wonder
watching the play
between dark and light,
consumed in its breath of passion,
we lit the moment up
and joined the fray
no longer afraid
to stand and become one
with the coming storm.

Beautiful image found from flickr on internet.