Spilling words

We overflow in the pool of life,
frozen and thawed
we expand and contract
reaching the edges of our journey.
Tipping factors on downward angles
our words spill out.
Running down to find the expanse of wide open spaces
freeing the thoughts to run like horses
or something much simpler
like the splash of milk on clean counters,
laughing at the actions from our youth.
We decorate the messes
as we float on the stream of days moving by
spoonfuls of goodness swallowed
words and deed of the kindest folk
that carry us through these cold times
and we wait on the sun to turn herself on,
clear the cobweb clouds
and let the warmth filter in,
soothe the crackling bones that scurry about
seeking warmth in pools of words
we immerse ourselves in this calm,
peaceful and quiet we listen to the heart
and open the windows to find the freshness,
and moisture will gather again
falling from tender skies
as we fill our cups
and spill the thoughts once again.


We find the beauty in others,
gentle grace comes drifting into our atmosphere
flitting about leaving magic in their wake
sprinkles of goodness
and love that knows no bounds.
Places and new faces
they move about never resting
delicately the move, hovering casting shadows
as large as birds beneath the winter sun.
We are grateful for these gifts
as we receive and are reminded
of yesterdays and tomorrows yet to be,
still giving their gifts
through memories and phone calls,
conversations in the darkest hours
that we know we are never alone
and the energy of a friend
lingers long after the darkest storm,
buoying us into brighter days
where waters run clear
and waves edge in smooth like glass,
reflections we see in our universe
passing love to love
and in return filling our cups
and then turning to fill another’s,
we are butterflies in the wind
scattered about spreading a smile
and beauty with all that we touch.

A friend I finally met in Key West a few years ago has found me again after I had moved and the old phone number no longer worked. She gathered me up in her energy hug from across a thousand plus miles and helped to see me through the storm of life and my consciousness. This picture was taken back then but she is a butterfly truly, setting down when least expected and spreading her light and shine on all she meets. Love you Havalynn ❤

Version 2

Version 2

Finding light

Into the darkest corners
the history swirls like cyclones
drenching the mind with the rain of a thousand tears,
we search for the light
always high above but not always seen,
merely felt like the softest silk
rippling with the memory
of the sense of clarity.
We move through the corridors of our lives
turning corners and greeting crossroads,
deciding which way it is that we should progress-
looking for invisible signs to guide
and often unsure at what we will find
when we get to where we’re going
knowing it may be different from where we thought,
but perhaps better as we look down to see
the flowers growing in sidewalk cracks,
surviving to become
that which they were meant to,
thriving in the face of the steps that pass
never seeing what it is
laying like a gift
at their feet.

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