Wrapped in dreams

She pulls them close
Each dream wrapped
Round her shoulders
Pale tangerine thoughts
Giving warmth
On the coldest of days.
The softest fabric
Woven from love and loss
Tied snug like a child
Comforted when afraid
Soothed when sleep comes.
Each thread a dream
Of better days
Of places that bring pleasure
Of a sun that shines for her
Spreading its blessings
On bare shoulders
Drawing warmth
From the hope of tomorrow.


All of our tomorrow’s were spent
Where dreams come true
With Sandy shores
And oceans blue
Turned into heart filled wishes
Floating into the sky
Amongst it
Would be you and I.
Our lives rush forward
Each day of bliss
Spent in your company
Your hug
Your kiss
As sunset fell and found us there
Upon the shore
Without a care,
We would be blessed
With life’s greatest gift
Where thoughts become things
And we create
In our hearts desires
Our reality
Oh what a fine place,
That perfect moment will be.

Dreaming and dancing in my mind’s eye, positivity abound. My morning started with a commute to the song “The Ocean” from Led Zeppelin and I’ve been thinking of water and warmth all day.


Wishes and dreams
Sent through fair skies
Encapsulated in tiny gems
Floating on my mind.
Drifting through the clouds
Never to touch down
Exploding unaware
Falling forward without a care.
I hear the words come whispering
Dreams moving faster
As they fall like rain
Captured in my hands.
I think of places
Faces and friends
And I set it free to be
Thoughts to tomorrow
Floating in my memory.