We find the beauty in others,
gentle grace comes drifting into our atmosphere
flitting about leaving magic in their wake
sprinkles of goodness
and love that knows no bounds.
Places and new faces
they move about never resting
delicately the move, hovering casting shadows
as large as birds beneath the winter sun.
We are grateful for these gifts
as we receive and are reminded
of yesterdays and tomorrows yet to be,
still giving their gifts
through memories and phone calls,
conversations in the darkest hours
that we know we are never alone
and the energy of a friend
lingers long after the darkest storm,
buoying us into brighter days
where waters run clear
and waves edge in smooth like glass,
reflections we see in our universe
passing love to love
and in return filling our cups
and then turning to fill another’s,
we are butterflies in the wind
scattered about spreading a smile
and beauty with all that we touch.

A friend I finally met in Key West a few years ago has found me again after I had moved and the old phone number no longer worked. She gathered me up in her energy hug from across a thousand plus miles and helped to see me through the storm of life and my consciousness. This picture was taken back then but she is a butterfly truly, setting down when least expected and spreading her light and shine on all she meets. Love you Havalynn ❤

Version 2

Version 2

Free hugs

I saw her picture on the book of face
Every weekend to the square
Picketing around
With big white sign
Free hugs.
What I wonder did hugs do
That it needs to be freed,
I always knew hugs were good,
And was surprised to find
They now want them free.
Are they in prison?
Locked up in chains?
Did they break the law?
Were they armed?
Or just arms after all?
Well heck I say
I would be glad to join
After all
Hugs should be free
And not kept away
From everyday society.
I always knew hugs as friends
And I hope you’ll join us
To free hugs,
If you can’t make it down
Do it from wherever you can,
Because together we can
Set the soul free
And I am proud to stand behind
A hug that’s FREE!!!!!

for my pal Havalynn

World address mail

hi my friend
It’s been so long
Since I’ve heard your voice
So far away
I can close my eyes
And see that beautiful smile,
You know the one that makes your eyes crinkle up.
No, you don’t have wrinkles,
That’s not what I was saying.
I guess I am just trying to say
That I hope you are doing good.
How’s life been treating you?
I hope well,
I know how so often you get down
And begin to think mean thoughts
About yourself,
But if I have to tell you again,
You are the most beautiful soul.
The world lights up because you are a part of it
And I am so glad to be able to call you friend.
I know, I know,
You’re shaking your head and rolling
Those eyes again,
But it is true my friend.
I wish we could talk in person
So that you know I am sincere
When I tell you that because of you,
My world is a much richer place,
That each day that I know you’re out there
I can sit in peace and smile,
Picturing you going about your day to day life.
Anyway, just wanted to drop you a line
To send you some peace,
Some love,
And a smile just because!!!!
Be well my friend,
And take one of the smiles I send
And give it away,
Oh yes, and a hug too,
Because the world needs more of those.
Hugs and kisses!!!
Bestest wishes.

A letter to the world, or anyone who needs to know
They are never really alone. World mailbox delivered.

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