Level load

We fill our vessels
gathering feverishly pieces of this
and that,
needful things we believe
will cure
and change the soul
in better ways.
Measured with heart
we fear the scraping away
the excess
our truth unheeded
by our own minds that thrill
with the abundance,
not quality,
what touches deep is precious
but what of the rest,
the here and there
the randomness and whimsy found
so long ago
and we are blind to the original need of why,
when we felt it justly served
only to find
as the path moved along
growing treacherous with each day that passed,
the burden needed release
so the essence could move freely
and in the turning away,
the letting go gently
we found strength in silently scraping off
the dust and decay,
polishing the underside
where tarnish clouded the thought,
we shine in our strength,
we move in the light rippling in softness
like a sail of silk,
gliding in peace
on smooth seas measured by our souls,
balanced and ready.