Fluid by nature

Caught in the drifting flow

melting moons of a mind moving

once more and again our nature

drives the melting like chocolate on asphalt

standing in puddles

fluid by nature.

Everywhere and nowhere

alert to the motion of light happening

sitting on the sidelines like a voyeur at a parade,

same old same old

when nothing changes the Einstein factor

insanity will reign.

Caught in the warp of the everyday

watching dogs pace after the power line bandits

teetering on the brink of understanding that it is

what it is

and isms and schisms can whisper their words

falling on deaf ears and eyes that can only see

what is known,

a melting moon can and will happen

cause the Google monster tells us so,

check it out and know

like an artists painting of dripping moments

the brush will wash clean

clocks and the timekeepers at the gate

when anything is possible and will

when given the chance,

happen as it will-

written in time yet still as of yet undiscovered

the crazies will find the asylum a welcome retreat

from the normal that has become

the everyday.

I see the sliver hanging on the invisible string,

just a piece of its former self,

because the heat will bear down

filling in the cracks and crevices

where only tiny seeds will survive

and names will elude the mind that tires

but the mustache will stand strong

of the Dali’s of this world

for they see what others can only sense

as it all drips quietly away.

Just my mind, lost in an artists moment…..tired and ready for a soft pillow.

Beyond the seas

Blue skies quietly linger

in the light of a dying sun,

nestled in for the evening

we are swept away on tranquil seas.

Shades and hues of life

linger in the mind sweet memories

captured within for future dreams

washing away the cares of the day.

We watch the masterpieces of the touch

of a universe that gives to all

as our love moves deeper as days pass

rippled on tides of coming Spring,

we slip into dreams wondering

what each tomorrow brings

yet sit content in the now

and the gift of a watercolor image

tucked into the keep

of the heart.

My dreams lie within and beyond the sea,

changing day by day

I dive in a little deeper,

letting it all carry me away

knowing the horizon

is still just a heartbeat in time,

there beyond my gaze and found

by my lingering touch on the water,

I drift on.

Barest thought

In the quiet of a morning caught

the spellbinding sight of a rising sun

caught whispering to the soul

caressing the mind with thoughts of a day to come.

Eyes find their way through dream states,

memories of lingering images like wallpaper

strung up on the walls to see

moving through the museum of surreal things

we touch the fabric of that which we cannot name.

Resting on the tip of tongue

we hesitate perhaps a moment too long,

and watching as it fades from sight

the mirage ghost-like and cherished

then silently let go.

Who are we in these moments,

caught between wake and sleep

in Neverland worlds of beauty we wander

thoughts tracing words on invisible pads

and indigo ink mark our passage

lest we forget where we had been

on our return to those foreign lands,

as the clouded gate creaks with age

we gentle push forward and enter

the place where thoughts sit waiting

remembered once more.


Somewhere between here and nowhere

I made it as far as Topeka before my cash ran out. Jumping off the bus in the darkness of this place wasn’t my idea of a life lived free but for now it would do. I glanced at the map beneath a street light, tattered and greasy from use, suddenly feeling like Columbus on a flat world, the crease and drop off a bit farther from where I currently stood.

I found a bench in front of a window with one of those cheap closed signs hanging off kilter, no hours posted but the place was dark. The smell of grease seemed to ooze from somewhere within the dingy windows and assaulted my nostrils in the night cooled air. A breeze picked up, the sound of metal coming towards me as a crunched can tumbled down the street. I sat my bag down and stood up to retrieve the can, my good girl sense of not littering never far. Lifting it with two fingers, stale beer dripped onto the still warm pavement,  I lifted the lid to a nearby trash can to throw the offending article away. In the light I could see the white rice on the lid moving slowly, realizing they were maggots and were everywhere, unhinging my gag reflex as I slipped the can into the darkness of the plastic tub, the smell of death and decay slammed me full value in the nose and I felt my granola bar I had eaten on the bus, rise to the surface of my throat. “Good God, what the hell is in there?” I retched next to the can and as I stood up, saw a hand laying next to the beer can I had tossed in. I leaned over and threw up anything else that had been left in my stomach, wiping my face with my arm, reached for my cell phone. I dialed as my hand shook and finally took a breath when a pleasant voice greeted my ears. “Topeka emergency services, what can I help you with today” and as I looked back to the trash can, frantically trying to compose my thoughts, a shadow moved from the side of the diner and it was then I found my lost voice and screamed.

To be continued…….

Moving mountains

I move them aside as I move forward

stepping stones before me in my mind

feeling so very far to go

I close my eyes and for a moment


and I am there.

Moving mountains that stand before

like monoliths with crossed arms

saying you cannot go here

you will never get past

yet through shades of beautiful blue

I drift high above you

and lifting off

fly free to the sky

if only in my mind

for just a moment

I know this will be truth

for I am strong and sturdy

and can carry the weight of thousand dreams

as I journey forward

though tired I amble on,

knowing the journey

each day has just begun.


And we wore white like the angels,

in our minds we remember visions of beauty

images forever embedded on holiday cards

and we closed our eyes at night

saying our simple prayers

for peace and good will

and with the hope come dawn

we too could be as beautiful

and filled with light as they.

Movies inspired through long winding lives,

as fires burned these memories come back to find

the faded smile of dreams of youth,

how we moved to goth and darkness

only to fight our way back out

into wooded hues and colors befitting

a child of nature.

She had the eyes filled with such peace,

and for years I became her,

hair and clothing to try to be in that peace

that emanated from somewhere within,

only to find as the flames died down

that it had always been there

I just couldn’t see

that all I strove for was always a part of me.

In peace I reside,

beside the still waters and evening tide,

when the moon hangs balanced

between sheets of silken white

I hear her small laugh across the universe

reaching my ears

and I am that child once more,

but an angel in waiting

no more.

My friend rekindled my thoughts on my favorite lady of my college years, and with the fires in Tennessee bringing thoughts of the movie Always to my mind, little nudges bring inspiration when least expected. I am blessed. I no longer wear continual white/cream clothing…red wine can sometimes take its toll, and food, and dog prints, etc…..beach driven hues worn now but it’s all good.

We are…almost there.

Within each drop lies a reflection

turning inward, backward, forward into

ourselves and all we see,

we are these tiny movements

rippling out to touch the edge of something,

anything, nothing at all

as we return once more to our beginning.

Gravity moves us unknowingly

we turn, spin and begin once again

to the creation like an echo bouncing

off of the cosmic thought.

Sun and moon twirl round so slow

yet we move ever faster as if to go

anywhere, somewhere, here and there

to nowhere and everywhere in between.

To awaken with a thought that comes full circle,

like a deja vu of another time and place

we vaguely recall somewhere within

that it is where we need to be

to feel that sublime peace descend

like snow that falls on a mountain in the distance,

we know it will become the stream

which we cross over

or will move upwards once more to fall

like the gentle misted rain

that cleanses our mind

into a gentle harmony filled

with serenity.

Not yet…

The sleeves had grown longer as the sun settled down

air windy and brisk

after a balmy Fall sun,

feeling the changes

as life rearranges

my thinning blood into water so cool.

Freezing in slumber no heat in the keep

for tomorrow the sun rises

to warm us poor sheep

and snow in the North is a long thought away

just keep it up there forever I say.

No ice on the oranges

no frost on the limes

I can’t eat the grapefruit so I think those are fine,

I bundle my bod in my clothes from the chest-

never thinking I’d need them till February at best.

Off with the hounds at a mushers fast pace

they love this cold weather and to the squirrel tree they race

as I muddle along with a curse on my tongue

“not yet” screams my thoughts

as they try to keep warm, no sound is heard yet

from my cold frozen tongue.

On Apple, on Chi bag there’s vermin to chase

and off to the black top

eight paws running wild

as I sing the poor song from Rocky to lighten my mood

and hubby with camera now captures me and the brood

as the sun rises up

she takes off the warm cap

and smiling at last does one final lap,

then into the house for the breakfast that waits

on a cold November day she will trot off to work

and sell the new favorite on a day like today

Peanut butter chocolate decadent gelato

not sure how many takers they’ll be

as I’m sure as I stand in the frozen food aisle

I’ll look perky like oranges

with a frozen happy smile 🙂

Having a bit of fun today, woke to the bedroom at 67 degrees and a brisk 46 degrees outside. Expected to see frost on the pool at least, thank heavens it wasn’t to be, but out comes the Buffalo hat to keep the lid warm….I almost kept it on for the whole walk….almost….Got a lot of interesting expressions from the drivers heading to work, but the girls are Loving the cold…..now off to sell Gelato. Brrrrr…..stay warm folks and keep that nasty snow to yourselves please, and thank you.



Edge of elegance

Eyes closed as we slip into the depths,

blue green water soothing the soul

almost washing the mind of thought

on the edge of elegance

we become beautiful.

Steps taken carefully as the winds blows,

we move awkwardly against the precipice

afraid yet exhilarated by the future,

and we put it out there,

the words rarely spoken aloud

through gentle laughter and quiet breath,

we feel the peace come to settle within.

These places always fascinate the greedy mind,

that only longs to be somewhere in awe,

visually pleasing and we reach out small fingers

reaching for the attainable

and gather the drops and watch as they fall slowly

glistening in the noon day sun

as we lose ourselves for stretches of time

just being in the moment,

we have become human sundials,

marking time against our frames and the shadows that falls

longer and leaner as the day passes in nonchalant busyness.

Shivering we emerge as dusk falls

and we become silhouettes of ourselves

reflected on mirrored water,

we stand still awaiting the end of the ripples

and in the quiet and beauty of this

we know that it will never be forgotten.

Ghost of life

We are worn smooth

Grainy finish tempered by the hands of time

Broken down unknowingly

With each step we take across

The threshold of our days.

We never notice the changes at first

Beginning rough on edges

Not quite finished until we progress forward

For we are born to be forged

Into that which we choose to become.

Like the endless rub of the minutes passing,

Each stroke

And every storm that weathers 

Leaving each corner just a bit more rounded

And so very strong as we stand up 

Against the tides and weather,

Thickening where needed

On the edges where no one dares tread,

We emerge from the depths as the seas of life sink around us,

Broken at times

Yet still standing

And in the ending glow of days,

Our shadows extend to meet the eye

And the soul who ventures forth to glimpse

The perfection of what remains

When all else crumbled so easily

Is always inspired by the knowing

That we survived,

That it can be done.

We sit immersed in the calm

Rippled memories gather and return

Sticking like barnacles to life

So hard to remove

Yet still

A part of the new whole.