Stillness found

The peace of dusk
falling upon the weary soul
holds tight the belief
a new day will rise.
We linger in the embrace
of rippled colors found
in skies of fall
the blessing of beauty savored
like the sweetest wine
beyond the vine.
Where do we gather
beneath the stars that find us
gazing into the setting sun
shining bright for a solitary minute
before slipping away from view,
becoming a memory carried
into the days of our lives
of a yesterday gone
and yet still remembered
as if we are in that place
this very second,
we smile with a softness in our heart
of too many to count,
these times we recall
of peace in the stillness found.

As written

I grew
leaps and bounds
when I found within the spaces
the history of love
written in the stars.
I stood tall
as thoughts painted the walls
and found the crack
that let the light in
to make shadows that dance
like flowers in endless fields.
I knew
when I fell into the truth
like ripples that moved me far
down in to the stream of consciousness
that became more than nothingness.
I became whole
in the rain showers that fell
washing away the haze of yesterday
and stood against the sky like a star
in the company of millions
shining so very bright.
I felt the flow of unity
carrying me away in a heartbeat,
strong and solid
like a rhythm heard
in the darkest nights,
where we became
the twinkling light.
I am and it is enough
to give me peace
in the times needed,
I am a seed moving on winds
planting a path
to the edge of forever.

Time imagined

We are filled
as boundless energy conspires
to take us deeper into the days,
like cool water washing away
the cares of time imagined,
drifting farther away.
We grasp the straws of fortune
pulling at the longest
in our hopes and dreams
for that magic to come
washed onto the shore,
the treasure of better times
and blue skies smiling
with answers correct
falling like rain on a sunny day.
Who are we,
our huddled masses sing our verse
in fevered pitch rising higher
and a chorus of minutes
tick-tock by like ants marching
so we salute and carry on
playing the pipers tune yet knowing
that in each beating heart
the clock will chime the hour
and standing to fill the halls
with a song of rejoicing
in dark shadowed corners they come forward,
together one by one and bringing
a land of time imagined,
of a universe united
and free.

Another channeled poem, I had been thinking of one thing and found it veeering in a new direction. Ah, the whims of the inner muse singing again with a heartfelt smile of peace and love for all.