Cereal meditation

Thoughts drift on the train
aimlessly thinking off the rails
watching the scenery move
way too fast
getting there much too soon.
OM and breathing
emptiness and cereal thoughts
fill the space
where only breakfast should lay,
but I circle round
in a colorful way
back to the fruit loops
that never come my way.
I see donuts in chocolate
and glaze confection too,
smiling faces bring laughter
but I thought I was five
eating hot dog wraps and pop tarts
for my morning fare,
and now I wonder why
I can only think of rounded oh’s
instead of blissful OM’s
and the fruit loop of thought
keeps rounding the bend
perhaps the rainbow
that brings a smile
or a craving for sweets
from when I was a small child.

Don’t ask why but my mind will not get off the thought of Fruit Loops today, even after a nice peace filled meditation earlier, so I guess they needed to be written about….here you go, spoon by spoon, or at least sentence by sentence, enjoy.

SiGnS….signs, everywhere a sign


Thought I was crazy
gone blind as a bat
but I want a car
in a color like that,
carnival cotton in green, pink and blue
and beneath it the rust
would never show through.


We sat at the light
talking this and some that
and right there before us
I saw the word bat,
I wondered ’bout gators
since we have in this state
an abundance of nasties
that must be in need of escape,
but snakes I can see,
and the others, yes too…
but now I can’t go
in the yard in the dark
’cause the zombies are here….
and it’s those most I fear.


What of the birds
who pay no mind,
perhaps a bite of tail feathers
and a loss of behind?

In fun jest today, thinking I’m beginning to be channeling my buddy Graeme https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/26291808/posts/11835
(don’t worry, he’s not dead….he just liked one of my comments so still alive)
rhyming and timing and silly is she (is what he may say)…
okay…I’m done, I promise. Signs found at carwash, Punta Gorda pond and today at the red light in Venice FL. I tried to preview this and my links aren’t showing….sigh….perhaps I shall try….again.

Dog poop and yummy food

So our neighbor inquired if we had been, how shall I say it, putting dog poop bags into his garbage can. I stifled a laugh and of course said Nope, wasn’t us. Our neighbor doesn’t use his garbage can, he makes one tiny bag per week that sits on his lawn, soaked by his sprinkler system and I suppose the garbage men get to pick up wet and drippy but “clean garbage” when all is said and done. Well, apparently he had just looked into his can for the first time in forever and found a dog poop bag with a gift within. He was a mite upset about the whole ordeal, and it’s not like he’s an old cranky codger or anything, in his early sixties at best. Now I pick up our dogs gifts that they bestow daily like clockwork, tie it tight and slap it on my back in the pack I carry. I take it home where I have a metal can specifically for these gifts. So flash forward a day and he asks my husband again if he’s seen anyone in his yard depositing Fifi’s little gifts into his trash can. Of course we have not, and once again, no it isn’t us. I figure he must have upset someone in the neighborhood, how I do not know but we hope he puts up a camera and catches the suspect soon. He is not a dog owner or he would obviously be making more garbage per week, I should know, our two are never-ending machines at making gifts. I am still chuckling about it and at least someones picking up their dog poop besides us.


On another note, but a much nicer one, hubby made a scrumptious breakfast today and I thought I’d take a pic and share. My girl Lady G had a post the other day asking about what people are cooking up these days and today we were blessed to partake in this:


Now that there is cinnamon apple bread french toast with real New York maple syrup with chicken breakfast sausage to compliment. See, and you thought this whole piece would be about dog poop, didn’t you? So what’s happening in your neighborhood that’s given you a laugh lately or what’s cooking good-looking? Please share, the world needs more chuckles and growling stomachs.