Burning bright

Years move through
passing moments filled
and the light of a favorite day shines
burning bright
with love.
We linger in the shadows of evening
together rehashing the highlights
of our day apart,
when we come together
sounds beyond our bubble stir
calming the hearts that gather.
In the darkness you lay beside me
your breath deep and peaceful
and I give thanks for this
and every moment we have
and for each year gifted
for you are my love
and I am blessed
beyond words.
A very happy birthday to my hubby Jeff. Forever hugs and smiles and all of my heart you hold, cheers to many many more💜💕💚🎂

A gentle tone

He plays to my heart

gifts that send peace rippling through

in waves of quiet splendor

gentle tones vibrate to reach the soul,

a calming place.

Slow and moving to the hum

the resonance of sound fills the air

and I smile in wonder that such simplicity

can garner so much good,

how can we not lose ourselves

in moments of quiet contemplation

as the sound rises filling the blue room,

the fan circulating the air above

as my head drifts into a scene of silence

broken only by the hum

of a precious gifted metal bowl

in blue to match the hue

of this life of beauty,

I give thanks for the honor of being here

and for the song given

by the deepest heart of the man I adore.

My birthday gift from my husband, a Tibetan singing bowl. He saw me looking at them a few weeks back and I told him I could not justify paying that price for one, it’s a beautiful shade of blue, with a heart connection to the hum and then nestled within, a carved stone heart, a sunstone (a power stone for bringing joy and other positive feelings into your life. Awaken cosmic consciousness and help you to be open to blessing others with your personal abilities and gifts. They release stress and aid mental clarity), ha! Does that man know me well, or what? I have got it to sing perfectly, feeling the vibration move through and it makes me smile and feel so very good. Similar looking bowl to mine here:


Must say, one of my best gifts ever ❤ thank you my love ❤

What’s better than…..

Peeps, get your minds out of the gutter.

i am here to talk about food, yep, food. And not just any food, but hubs BBQ variety.

now I know you all are thinking ribs, steaks, or smoked meatloaf, but you would be wrong.

Today we are here to make you hungry.

So, what’s better than a Weber grill? Hmmmm? Any guesses?

A Weber grill that cooks, you guessed it, perfect pizza.



Yes, yes, that’s right , a pizza cooker. Num num I bet you’re saying….so we have worked with the homemade dough,slathered on some fine Italian sauce, some mozzarella , Margherita fine pepperoni, some lovely Penzey spices, and some awesome chunks of hunk a hunk a burning wood. Yeah baby, real live fire….hint, please do not try this indoors, that is another story completely. So you take your tasty Za and viola:

image image


Okay, now guess what? What’s even better than that you may ask? How about TWO pizzas?

And yes, on this same grill we then cooked a fine concoction of , and I know you’re thinking out there, REALLY? But yes, really, grapes, smoked blue cheese,rosemary,olive oil, garlic, blend of hard Italian cheeses and enough lip smacking love to make a school boy blush.

image image


Yep, threw that sucker on there too. Ten minutes per pie, rotate, rotate, are you getting dizzy yet? Rotate some more and smell that goodness as it fills the neighborhood with awesomeness…too bad no neighbors live close enough to “drop in just to see what’s cooking”. And that my friends is what you call a proper dinner for two plus lunch the next day. Better than a pizzeria and one quarter the price.

and I bet you thought I was gonna talk about sex or something. Nah, this is even better…well, almost, but oooh it’s so good!



Okay,go away now, I don’t like to talk with my mouth full and no I’m not sharing!

peace and love and married to the awesome Chef who buys these nifty things so that I can actually say I helped to cook dinner for once or twice. Ten years in a pizzeria did teach me how to stretch a pretty pie.