Soda moon

Moon floating

bubble carbonation in ocean soda

up up so high to

tickle the nose,

reflected in laughter

of a child’s first sip.

vanilla cream or root beer

as it slips down into the depths

ball of ice cream

in a float

creamy smooth and cool

soothing ripples


with a lip lick and smile.

Fountain man pours

effervescence swirling


up up ,

higher still

till lost from view

sticky sweet memory

all that is left behind.

Life like ice cream

I feel the cool bowl
hot summer days
life is like ice cream
bringing a smile every time.
Friends like different flavors
some smooth and soft
some with so much variety packed in
between the ripples,
colors and decorative bling
some just plain vanilla.
Spread on some chocolate memories
and it covers it all in a blissful dream
whip cream of special moments
sprinkled with specks of rainbow joy.
Dig in so deep and take a big spoon
swallow it all with a smile.
Share it with a friend,
or keep it simple with a one scoop cone
for solitary moments,
but I like it best with a small cup
for my wagging pup,
hold the chocolate
but have a lick of laughter
feel the smooth coolness of a day
like ice cream dreams of
this sundae life.
Can I have another scoop?
I’ll share, I promise.

Sweetest desire

I feel the heat rising
My face flushed
Red runs down the nape of my neck
Lifting my hair
I try to cool
The heat.
I walk in the door
So many smiling faces
And I look around and realize
There are just so many
And I can’t decide.
So many varieties
And they all look so very good,
Ah the quandary I am in.
I sit awhile and look around
Trying to cool down
This aching desire,
I can’t deny my craving any longer
I approach the man in back
Still questioning my decisions,
I cannot deny myself any longer
I must have
Two scoops please,
Butter pecan and caramel turtle swirl.
Hold the sprinkles.