Everything and nothing

Between a thought and the empty space

nestled in a memory bank of illusions

I see between the raging wind

words unknown, never spoken.

Lofty heights above bubbling clouds

there waits the sun with shimmering light,

And these thoughts keep moving

in sleep and dreams,

spaces and places

where everything is all

and nothing fills the chasm

between now and forevers days.

Water washes down on souls

endless rain on deserts pool

reflecting skies and infinity.

no name given to the miracles

except for that which is

the symbols of our waking hours,

compartmentalized to make sense

when there is the depths

that cannot be fathomed,

where there a thought of emptiness

there waiting,

between the sliver of reason

where everything

and nothing resides.

Alien of time

Drifting through moments
Languid and flowing
Unknown thoughts intrude
Giving rise to light.
Illuminated blue
Waking seconds tick down too quickly
The broken watch face frozen
For eternity.
Who sets aside the minutes
Forgetting to hold count
Simply moving through as if
Never ending cycles will be eternal.
Alien places exist in the darkest corners where
Fear lies helpless
Wrapped in itself
Warm in the comfort
Of its place,
Yet to shine the light of power
The gleaning of knowledge
Of this farce that is
Each second going by,
Just a bit of energy noticed
Then forgotten slips away.
In the pocket of a jacket
Hanging, waiting on the hook,
Lies a space reserved for motion
The wandering wise masked as a fool
Treads closer in curiosity,
A wormhole of escape
For the excited mind to imagine
And wonder what world awaits
To explore the depths of a soul questioning
And to see through veils of clouds,
Free of the snare that holds back
That first step bliss
Into the existence unknown,
Belief in the highest awareness
Of the whole.

Lost thoughts on time, energy and matter….existence and the unseen that lies below a thought born from empty spaces. Just another day in the spheres of an alien brain. As music drifts through yet again, Entangled fitting a morning drive through. Thanks G for that one.

Venus collides

Between words
And circumstance
The Lightning folds within
Power of destruction,
Seemingly close
Yet so very far away
Stars align to form
The abyss of emptiness.
Caught between
As meteors collide,
Lights illuminate
The silky summer skies
And I stand witness
To disruption
As the hourglass trickles
And time runs out
I stand accused
Of nothing
But thoughts unbecoming
Of a soul caught
In your quagmire
Of disruption.