Hidden signs

Waiting in his garden abode

watching the comings and goings

blessed in his peace

his eyes gaze forward

as the flowing jasmine crowns the mind.

Years pass by and he finds and gives

a calm to those who happen upon

the soul of the post and green flowing wall,

solitary is his game

being is his name.

Nestled in the jasmine

the scent lay heavy on the air

without a care we walk quietly by

more entranced with star like blooms

he says nothing as we move on

resting in his spot

a regular in this place.


But the eyes are blind…

And so it goes round again to the Little Prince book. Yesterday was a rain event down here in Florida (which if you watch the weather/news you’d know who Colin was) and being pretty much shuttered in, somewhere between bursts of rain and cool breezes, life gave me time to ponder more than I normally would…which is too much if you ask me, but I did it regardless. I could have gotten a lot of writing done but perhaps it was the barometric pressure of the system upon us, I just needed to take a bit of a step back and ponder. Now I’m sure you’re sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what it was I was pondering, right? Okay, so I will let you know. Blessings. Lots and lots of blessings and the perspectives around said blessings.

So above in the picture you see the bottom of the pool. I wasn’t trying to capture the image of the bottom, but trying for the million little drops of water that were falling pretty much non-stop. I took quite a few pictures yesterday and it was only after I sat back and took a look at them, did my perspective change. Sometimes we’re trying to get whats on the surface, yet if we look deeper, the answers may just be there, big things, those answers are, shouting out “Hey, look at me. I’m here, can you see me now?”. So in this picture I see a few drops but below, what is only half of an emblem, looks like a rising sun. It will pass. This rain, this storm, everything…it will pass. I tend to get down on myself for not doing what it is I should be doing, what feels right doing, etc….I need to give myself a break. I kept encountering angel numbers again yesterday, all week as a matter of fact, 111 primarily and 444. Google Doreen Virtues answers on what the angel numbers mean, any that you see repetitively, and see if it doesn’t have some measure of truth. Anyway, kept encountering those two numbers, and it was only when I stopped and paid close mind, realize there was a message there, a message I had been ignoring for the last few days. Manifesting…I do it quite often and I think I began to take it for granted. So hence the pondering and letting the messages talk to me yesterday. It left me feeling calm today upon waking and even though I feel tired, I know there is so much more I want to get out of today. Another image that threw me off is this one:


What seems to be a cross upon the pool, again trying to take pictures of the little drops and ripples gave me a cross. This cross is the beams to the metal lanai, not all of the beams  showed up in the water, just this one. More reminders that I’m not in this storm alone and the Good Lord has my back, as always. Another image from the floor of the lanai:


At some point we reach a fork in the road, if I’m the little metal button at the top, I know I’m going to get there soon….past the rough patches, a few smooth spots but it will come, I just need to trust in myself to choose the right one. All of this, just from a few pictures taken during a rain storm. I never know why I take these, all I know is that afterwards, I glean some insight from what I have. Reasons and purposes via Kodak. The rest of the “But the eyes are blind” quote is “One must look with the heart”, I believe sometimes one must look within and also with the heart and then the scenery will give you answers you didn’t know you were asking for. That’s how this life works….pretty F*ing amazing (Right Elizabeth?) and you thought I was going to say it….nope….I only say that when I see this:


After realizing the cat has now found a way to the top of my closet, and of course lies on my clothing…that had been free of cat hair….I think I’ve disturbed her catnap…but she did leave a deceased mouse(perhaps he drowned and she was performing cat to mouse resuscitation) on the back cement patio so I guess she can stay there….for now. I will post more later today with any luck and will leave you with our not so angelic number dweller.


I think I shall call him Herman. Although he has many siblings, so perhaps they will all be Hermans. The number hermit.

Peace and blessings and watch, there’s always a sign… K

For want of rain

Empty benches sit on a lonely beach. A man in a yoga pose reaches for the sky as if praising the moment as the clouds slowly roll in. A circle of white stones in the sand lies close to his feet and I wonder if he is the one who created the round form, like a bull’s eye, strike here it seems to say, forlorn and empty and waiting for the rain.


It has been weeks since a drop has fallen and I go there on a whim to be a part of it, this approaching storm and the water lies calm this morning, not yet nine and only a few other souls stand watch with umbrellas in hand, waiting too. The birds fly overhead as birds will do on ocean winds and I try to capture them but when I see the after effect, they seem like words falling aimlessly off of the page.


For want of rain we venture here, as the skies darken and I feel my mood suddenly lighten as the skies grow thick like molasses and there is a light cool breeze that cuts through the humidity. The traffic these days has become easier as the snow birds have flown back up North once more. I fly no more. I am grounded here in my ocean breeze and this is home now, and instead, leaving only my thoughts to soar on the wind like a gull so high above and I can close my eyes and just imagine what it is that they see as they look down at these empty benches where a short time before on sunny days, there was no place to land, and I stand here on this sandy dock with my camera capturing things that strike me as necessary. This is my life, here where fair breezes blow and birds fly into skies till no longer seen and castles wait to be built in this home by the sea. Welcome friends to my world.

100_1575.jpgAll images taken by me this morning on Venice Beach Florida.

Time stamp

How many moments

Forgotten on cards set aside

For the next trip

And the moments that need to be kept

Separated from then and now.

Time stamps returning thoughts

Of days gone by,

Moments forgotten and not recalled

When revisited by chance.

Sleeping dog unaware of the watcher,

Rugs cluttered with toys in playful moments

And spring shadows sculpt beauty

As she waits for acknowledgement 

Of a day that slipped by or so thought

Yet resting here now among momentos of yesterday,

I smile quietly in deepest thought 

As I see the changes.

We all turn more tired and grey

Time putting its stamp on us all

Setting minutes aside for the discovery

Of youth found once more.

Playing with the new computer and inserting an old camera card, memories come to life once more…..sleeping dog and playful dog waiting to pounce…..and pouncing dog with cat who is no longer on earth, but a sweet memory….the fat squishy cat who was also fond of hanging with her dog friends investigating the old wood pile for chipmunks….ah, sweet memories indeed.


Zen morning

I captured the mood in grey skies damp,

Filled pockets of thought with emptiness and calm.

I walked through the cool damp morning

Past sleepy houses that wait for morning,

I find peace blanketing me with the finest mist,

Like champagne bubbles of a new day.

The wind has vacated the skies,

And silver clouds hang idly by

Parted with the breath of restless hounds

Eager to hunt the moving tree ghosts

Walking the line with a flicking tail

Peering at the scene below

Of moving feet and peaceful beings.

Dampness drips from heavy palms

Masquerading in their ghostly hues

Like phantom sentinels who mark the journey

Passing signs towards home.

Lovely painting found at: http://www.dailypainters.com/paintings/246797/Palm-Trees-in-Fog-8×10-Plein-Air/Sharon-Schock

Thoughts of our morning walk today, the air grey and heavy yet comfortingly cool. Moments filled with a quiet peace to begin the day in bliss.

Mysteries of time and space

Images unseen move past the lens of life

Filtering through time and space

Within shadows there is light

Caught in a second 

Unaware until found

Having perhaps always been there.

Below the depths of an evening sky

Movement heard in crackling leaves

And the scent of all familiar

Calming the senses like a smooth invisible wave

Simple as incense smoke rising

And dissipating into itself.

Spirit moves me in the quiet melody of a song

And the cool air dries the sweat of a deepened sleep

Trickling down into the abyss

Of dreams of ghosts revisited.

I was going through some pictures I took on my iPad and came across this one. It wasn’t there before and I’m not really sure what it is, but it seems to be a lanai shot in the dark, but I suppose it is there for a reason, sidled between shots from morning till dusk. Love it when fun things like that happen unexpectedly. Magic photos unearthed.

Becoming one…solitude of a moment

I sat among the crowded clouds
Thought patterns jump rope with
Images forgotten,
Alone in the moment
Listening to the gossip
Of a murder of crows.
Winged souls flying
Drifting through images
Of barren deserts and sun
Beating down the weak
Into sand.
Wild West places I knew
Where rocks rippled like waterfalls
And skies lasted into eternity
Tinged with the dying light
Of another day.
Wind moved about and through
Slipping by like the passing lane
Invisible lines separating
Yesterday and today.
Coming home to find
Within the heart of solitude
The answers remain aware
Of searches for clarity
Teasing the mind
In a game of hide and seek
Yet the path never altered
Its state of saving grace
Eyes wide open peering
At hanging crescent moonbeams
I reach out to grab the tip
Of a disappearing emotion
Still as yet unnamed.

Amazing photo found at : http://xaxor.com/photography/40200-beautiful-photos-of-peace-a-solitude.html

Words broken and a walnut heart

I watched the mist like falling rain
As images of broken glass trickled through
This mind relaxed
And adrift in the spaces within
Where the tales grow rich
Like fields of flowers that just become
From nowhere
Rising up to be.
I floated there for a spell
Hearing a voice of a sage weaving words
That I suddenly could not grasp,
That I could not hold for fear
Of sentences slipping away
Without a song to call its own.
I saw a perfect tree nut,
Hanging alone with strings of black
Stirred by the wind it fell to the ground below
Finding itself cracked Into two,
A heart severed from the other
Shapes and places no longer resembling
The microcosm of which it grew
A reflection of itself
From one piece to another
This walnut held in a hand
Nestled in its woody home safe.
The tortured sky shattered in a thousand pieces
As bits of light came upon me
Set free from the sun,
No two alike yet
Mirrored pieces, each shard jagged and unique
Looking within to see
The same face staring back at me
And I thought of you then,
Your voice soft from beyond,
To hear your stories woven
From the fragile mind so whole
That reaches out into darkness
To gather like twigs a nest to lie upon,
A book of miracles and days filled
With pieces of you,
Each word filled in images
The colors of moons and the sound of silence
Where I heard your hymn
On a sparrows wing
Filled with the childlike laughter
And this nut fell to the ground
As a gift to the creatures
Sitting high watching the world below,
And I walked the path through these woods
Soft bed of moss to quiet
The quest of this searching soul.
Photo sent after reading this post by Dad.

Beautiful image found at : http://www.diyphotography.net/beautiful-broken-mirror-sunsets-anything-bad-luck/

Gazing girls

Beautiful girls watch
Focus on the sky
Loyal eyes so deep
Precious moments captured.
Beyond, the woods so thick
Alert you stand, staring out.
What do you see my friend
As nose fills with scent
I can’t comprehend.
Rolling and playing
To swim and jump as only you can
Your life day after day
Walking through tree-lined paths
Hurdling branches downed in chase
Of laughing chipmunks
And you wag so happily
At a treat or two or three
Plump round tomatoes you throw about
Greedily gulping it down
Then more those eyes seem to ask
Please, just one more
But the sun sinks quietly
In this peaceful place
And running feet race round
Just a bit slower
Tired from the play
And the time to go
With the remains of the day
Curled on couch eyes slowly close
Ready to dream
Of chases yet to come
On summer days that pass too soon
Tomorrow will come finding that smile
Waiting at the door
The new day
To explore.

Beautiful photos of our lovely hounds taken by my Dad on his last visit. Pretty Apple and Chi….supermodel dogs for sure.

Door to reminders

In sleep so deep you came
Been so long since you’ve stopped in
Lessons reminding me
Live in joy
And reach for the door
To your bliss.
I searched for the key
Under here and there
Misplaced or hidden
Determination all I have
And when the wild wind blew
The door stood ajar
Patiently like a flower in bloom.
You stood there laughing at my confusion
And this is all that matters you said
The moment of now
The truth of believing
Allowing myself to walk through
To the other side
To all the tomorrows shining
To the lesson I had forgotten
Subtly reminded in the ghost
Of a smile
Of a nod of the head that yes,
Imagining the future
Embracing the gifts
Of this moment.
Thank you again for your images
I smiled upon waking
Saying a quiet goodbye
Till next time.

It seems when I have something in my mind unsettled,the right people come to me in my sleep and dreams, reminding me of the answers I already knew, nudging me to have faith in the idea that all will be as it should if I just let it go and believe.