Pieces bursting through

Empty holder sits

Unable to hold


Returning through portals 

Letting go hold 

On this piece of now.

Slipping in the sand

Of shores unknown

A life in a second.

Nameless empty streets

Cosmic highways wait for passengers,

Echoes of silence deafen

The heart of stillness


To hold forever

Embracing the majesty,

The wonder leaving spellbound

The mind that sees clearly

Everything that is

Nothing at all.

Tiny specks hang in space

Each crystal reflecting the light

Of every life lived before

This moment became



Quiet surrender

I feel the earth move below me
The tides in and out
Awake or asleep
If terror harkens upon my mind
I open my eyes
Turning and walking away
As nothing here can cause pain
And I change direction
Un distracted
Moving forward to light
Leaving darkness in my wake.
In dreams I live in atmosphere
Like diamonds sparkling
Colors flowing through
Reaching out to touch each one
Bringing it in
To be a part of my whole.
In sleep there lays magic
On sandy beaches with whispering palms
And the drums beat fills the air
Native song moving
Mother Earth to sing her tune.
Thought of happiness replaces
Dark shadows of fear,
Worried memory relaxed to good
And I walk below the sun
Bronzed skin warm by the gentle caress
Of this light from within.
Alive in each moment
In silence I hear the wind
And that is all
And that is everything.

Among the clouds

I walked to the edge
Of a mind open to all
The space before me
Path of clouds.
I stepped to the precipice
And peering over I found
The whole of the universe
Waiting like a friend.
I moved forward
Feet light on the air of cumulus
Each second taking me
To the heights of forever.
I dove into the dream
Of a midnight moment
Wanderlust propelling me
Into the infinite.
I found the world
Of magic and space
Stars and sun embracing
The soul of the traveller
Coming home.