Where have you been…an update

We travel the distance,
catching the tail of the wind
that spirals through the wilderness
on our way through unchartered lands,
we find ourselves as the journey unfolds, 
and so much more than we ever thought
follows us through to new days waiting,
We become whole and complete.

Good morning my friends.
I’ve recently been quite MIA from the poetry world
as I pursued the act of writing a full fiction novel.
What a whirlwind experience it has been,
and I am proud and happy as the dream has been fulfilled.

On Sunday, my work of fiction ”Tales From The Thrift” was released on Amazon. it clocks in at 293 pages and it’s a story that pretty much like my poetry, wrote itself.

It was a labor of love that began in March and I’m already letting the wheels turn on the sequel. Thank you for being patient as I dipped my toes in the water with the publishing world. I see many more books in my future, what a thrill and experience that allowed growth to this poets mind.

Simple pieces

We paint our stories
as images and words linger,
still frames on the edge of memory
decorating our soul with sweet beauty.
We find in foreign places
unexpected pleasures seen
of a day now given eternal life
beneath a noon day sun,
colored walls where strangers move
captured in their unknowing
and transfered,
lay waiting for the sands of time to wear away
the picture seen by few
yet remembered by one
on a wall reflected by the sea,
step by step we stopped to stare
at a serenity of a girl found there.

At a tiki bar/restaurant yesterday I walked down some steps near where the boats go to gas up and found some beautiful images painted on the concrete. This is one of them.

Searching the fire

In the beginning,
we rise to touch the flaming sun
high beyond reach
we believe in the mastery
of the thoughts we hold as truth,
we strive to become one
with the mystery that is
this fragile life.
Searching the flames of need ,
we lift ourselves up
carefully balancing the want
with a desire to belong ,
through communion with the spirit
we dance in the light
captured in memory we hold fast,
seeing more flickers in the distance
we move forward to meet like minds
and together share in the absolute
of a knowing
love is all there ever will be.
Searching the fire
through glowing ash dying
we poke about and release
the paper dreams to flight,
we are as we become
our truest selves
as the prophecy was written.