Untitled ##

Music plays on gentle winds

Peace beckons all to come within

As she sits below the Spanish moss

Whiling away her day in beautiful thoughts.

The sun does shine on metal bars

That sing of mermaids near and far

A gift of heart hung in loving care

To catch the peace that’s waiting there.

It has no name again it seems

Just simple thoughts of magic dreams

And the ocean close yet far away

She knows she will return someday.

The angel wings whisper through this piece

To sing of joy, of souls release

And a twinkling tune for me to hear

To let me know that she is here.

I thank you friend for gifts from afar

For love and guidance and words that lift,

For the number one lady in a front row seat.

I thank you truly Kat from this soul complete.

A beautiful gift that finally found its perfect place to play its peaceful tune, where I sit and listen to the Angels that play, with wings of wind, ah such joy they bring. Thank you again dear Kat for the amazingly musical gift. Always, my mermaid muse of the desert and sea.

Legends of memory

“1913. Hillside vineyard
I ride over my beautiful ranch. Between my legs is a beautiful horse. The air is wine.
The grapes on a score of rolling hills are red with autumn flame.
Across Sonoma mountain, wisps of sea fog are stealing. The afternoon sun smoldered in the drowsy sky. I have everything to make me glad I am alive….”
Jack London

I sip the wine
Wolf gazes from across the room
Sweetest nectar wet the lips
With life off of the vine
And blessed by the suns of summer.
I hold my head up
Close my eyes to the warmth
That slowly slips beyond view
The cool night comes and the dark shows off
The finery of a blanket of sparkling stars.
I am far from here
On hills rolling
And the scent of grapes
Heady on the air,
The horse moves through the edge
Grabbing mouthful of grasses
The air still in the throes of summer days
The air intoxicated
The senses alive
Dreams of A moment in the life
Of a wayward dreamer
Of a writer
Of you.

To the inspiration of a gifted writer and the soul of a friend inspired .

In between

She will become
Her story unfolding
In between the days
Sun and stars she will awaken,
A chrysalis born
To become
The stunning butterfly.
She will light this life
With words and beauty
Art rendered impersonal
She is all that they will admire,
Adorned in personality humble
She will draw them
Like moths to the flame.
This is her day,
An awakening,
Another year passed in a moment
Caught between a beam and a twinkling,
She is borne of the loins of greatness
This is her time
Her moment
Shine on and fly
So high and free,
Live this day
As it was meant to be.

Happiest of birthdays to a sparkle from a star
Happy day to the one who carries the genes
Of a sun filled with the splendor of warmth to the soul.