Helping hands

Unexpected moments rise
helpless we watch
asking ourselves the questions
what is it we can do
to raise up the fallen.
Gently we cradle the lives
filling our hearts with peace to radiate
outwards in all directions
watching as the eyes meet ours
lighting a glow
of hope.
We do what we can when we can,
often feeling it’s never quite enough
but something is always better
than nothing in the end
and a helping hand
gives more than it takes.

*Yesterday on my last day at work I was standing at the door looking through the glass at the beautiful sky and glancing down, saw a dragon-fly upside down just laying there. I knew the next person who came in would hit it or step on it so I walked outside, grabbing a long brow item and let it grasp onto it (wasn’t sure if they bite or not) and I saw its wings covered in sticky webs and the same with its feet. I talked to it as I gently removed the webbing hindering it and it flew onto my arm. I nudged it off several times and it always came back and landed on me, staring at me with its big buggy eyes (the insect was almost 4 inches long…a huge beauty in brown). I kept laughing and finally got it to let go where it flew up and clung to one of our window clings, peeking at me from the outside. Perhaps it wanted me to come out again to play? I felt such a rush….just think if we could only do such small miracles for the people in the world and around us. I felt blessed. A nice end to my last day. Felt after that perhaps he was telling me it was better beyond the glass and I was doing the best thing for me by leaving. I hope so ❤

The joy of friendship

Words read from another world
Oceans away the voice on paper
Fills the soul with smiles.
To shelter the heart with kindness
And sweeping away the rain with the sun,
The umbrella of love held
To warm the soul with the gift
Of friendship.
The star’s light nights
With the show of universal beauty
Twinkling with the need
For wishes to be spoken aloud,
The thoughts of belief
The mystery of dreams
And the fairies woods alive
With mirth and joy.
The dance of this life
Spinning round
Hands held like children,
Hearts filled with the touch
And kindness of friends.

A story of kindness

This is a short tale of my day grocery shopping an hour ago and a bit about kindness.

I had my cart filled and I look for the shortest line, because who doesn’t when they see
Each aisle with a light on five people deep waiting?
I find a light where there are only two guys buying beer and limes(atta boy for that one boys) so I unload my reusable bags and load up the conveyor.
The young guy at checkout barely makes eye contact and asks if I found everything to which I replied, and then some, as I always do.
He starts packing my goods in the plastic and I remind him that to only use the plastic for the meats if he could, thinking he forgot my cotton ones that he had placed behind him.
He starts scanning again, one item at a time looking at each item as if it was a new and exciting item. Then turns around to put in my cloth bags. This went on for quite awhile and I turn around and the young girls behind me rolled their eyes and started tapping on the edge of the conveyor. The boy kept moving deliberately one item carefully placed and I told him he could just throw them in, it would be fine and he smiles and calmly tells me if I want it all to fit, the corn would need to be upright. Okay I said with a smile realizing at this point, being a holiday the store would have on those who wanted to work, no regulars were to be seen. He seemed a bit mentally challenged which is great, I applaud a store that hires and gives a chance to people of all makes and models. I was in no hurry and shot the girls behind me a dazzling smile and told them that he was he best bagger ever seen and they would not have to worry about him fumbling their purchases, and that there should be more at this store like him. At this point the young man started to blush and making eye contact told me that he was proud of the work he did and that it was nice for someone to finally acknowledge it and he thanked me. Kindness does go a long way to making someone’s day a bit brighter. I am sure on this holiday he would rather be at a parade or with his family having fun. Have patience, not everyone moves at the same speed as others and give compliments freely, it may just make someone’s day.