Everything and nothing

Between a thought and the empty space

nestled in a memory bank of illusions

I see between the raging wind

words unknown, never spoken.

Lofty heights above bubbling clouds

there waits the sun with shimmering light,

And these thoughts keep moving

in sleep and dreams,

spaces and places

where everything is all

and nothing fills the chasm

between now and forevers days.

Water washes down on souls

endless rain on deserts pool

reflecting skies and infinity.

no name given to the miracles

except for that which is

the symbols of our waking hours,

compartmentalized to make sense

when there is the depths

that cannot be fathomed,

where there a thought of emptiness

there waiting,

between the sliver of reason

where everything

and nothing resides.

The light that comes to me

In times of reflection
Energy making a simple connection
A light unplugged
Yet still runs.
I feel through closed eyes
The heat of the sun finding me
Seeking me out to whisper
Her warm breath upon my skin.
Faces unknown speak words born
Of understanding
Of knowing there is something more
Than what we see.
And in this moment of knowing
Simple peace finds me waiting
A vessel to be filled to overflowing
And thought that filtered through
Then realized
As lights flicker on
Night finds itself cast out
Contrast of yesterday
Moving into today
Waking refreshed with the first aware breath
Warm in the cocoon of the universe
Eyes open to embrace
The first glint of dawn.