Swirling Spaces

beyond seeing
glittering skies beckon
calling us to play
connecting dots like children do,
do you remember when
we saw magic
beyond worlds

spaces perfect
lines and gaps
touching in our mind
we saw the links unseen
with fingers reaching up
we drew between
the spaces

Thoughts on constellations and the magic of seeing the connections, the big dipper always a fave as it was one I could actually find….this image reminded me of a hurricane….one will be sweeping through but we should be on the outer edges of the fray. peace, love and blessings to all, K

Realm of a black hole moment

In sleep I watched as the tale was told,
Unfolding in slow motion
each scene like a movie
old Hollywood days long gone.
Hanging on edges with nowhere to move,
mapping the escape out one step at a time
rolling into the zone of freedom
as the plastic strip moved wildly
slapping the machine
ticker tape gone wild.
I knew as eyes opened and closed,
the deepness like that of a whales black marble eyes,
endless darkness that feels so much
yet you can only imagine
in such a small way
when beside such endless majesty.
Slipping into the depths once more
out of view with a slight splash
wondering where to journey next
in this vast expanse of dreamscape life,
holding my breath
yet knowing an endless supply is mine,
I move into the deep cold wonder
surrounded by a view
only experienced
in the quiet moments
of a golden sleep undisturbed.

Miracles found (in trap doors)

I felt the pull as the air left my lungs
floating in space knowing
I’ve been here before and will be again
and with each word I felt with my heart
the attachment to the stars
and a red dragonfly bounced beside me
taunting perhaps
or understanding in a way
only dragonflies can
and the distraction pulled me back
to the moment that is now
and the way the humid air felt
surrounding me as the heat of the day rose
and cascaded over me
lulling me into a peace
as my fingers moved
trying to capture the feeling
of floating
and drowning
and being caught somewhere in between
the miracle of what was occurring
but feeling unable suddenly
to touch the exact words needed
to show you
the image
of the truth of all I felt
the feeling
of being one
with it all.

I just started ready an amazing book and had to take a break for a moment as I just felt as if my soul, my thoughts, were suddenly escalating down into the trap door of knowledge that I needed to say something, anything and when I tried I could not grasp completely that which I wanted to say and being at a loss looked up to see the red dragonfly hovering and knew that it too was just being and it let go and flitted off and here I am. More to come….but thank you friend for words that truly are inspiring.