Drawn to the hole in the ceiling of my thoughts

The smallest place where the stars whisper secrets

Falling against the backdrop of night

These days overshadowed by a moon so bright.

I caught a glimpse of blue

Un impeded by the pushiness of clouds

Suspended I drift

Stopped at the glass above me,

Held in by the walls and the chill

Of a strange October day.

I look up the see the confetti

Leaves falling as far as the eye can see

And they mirror the soul as they meander their way

Touching down like tissue paper

See through shells of their yesterday

Faded to yellow and brown,

Having shed the Rose red gown

As they had lived one last day

Waving to the mere mortals down below

Never realizing the ball must end,

And here they sit

Reflective images of my thoughts,

Sitting idle pressed to a clear view

Outside peering in,

Waiting for the next journey to blow them away

Into the earth

Death that comes on another day.

Out and in

Our thoughts woven
moving through time and space,
in and out
and back again
gently knotted together
anchoring against
falling apart.
Words like leaves fall
never-ending shades faded
like memories of yesterday
sepia toned life left behind
chasing colors like the wind
as it blows them out of reach,
a handful gathered finally
tossed in the air
as a small laugh escapes
the joy of this day
falling like the sun coming down
on shoulders waiting.
I listen to the silence
embracing the delicate balance
of the in and out
and the back again of seasons slipping
like creek water rocks
watching the movement
rippling out like a song.
I splash my hands deep within
the depths shattered
the reflection of self gone
knowing it will return
in some shape
some form
with someone new to sit here
dwelling in the peace
of a fall image.

Weathered souls falling

You surround me in your cloak of color
Autumns mistress comes
Passions red fills the senses
As yellows faded like a distant sun
Moving farther into self
Slipping below
A horizon of thought.
Scents of remembered moments
And a days cracked memories weathered
By the passage of time
And seasons leaving withered images
To quietly behold.
Your softest browns fall about me
With each step I take through the towers
Majestic filters of cool illumination
And I am wrapped in color
Of an autumn approaching
Leaves like rain trickle down
And I closed my eyes
Taking the breath of life and exhaling
As the light moved beyond view
Leaving me standing aware
Of the forest and her structure
Of her brethren ensconced within
And the rush and bustle stopped
As if to sit with me and listen
The calming silence filling
Echoing the awareness
Of the heartbeat of a season coming
And sultry days left behind in the wake
Of earthen piles stacking
whispering down on the bed
To sleep and become