We glitter like

Through words spoken
pieces of glitter like sparkling stars
can never litter
in their joyful beauty,
cascading shine beneath the sphere of lives
always seeing that which stands
before in goodness
we bask in the reflection of sincerity.
Life passes like a shooting glow
streaking past as we try so hard
to hold onto the tail of the comet,
reliving our youth
science fiction double features
we laughed and cried and sang along,
never knowing why but living alive
in that moment as we looked around
realizing we are all so different
yet not so very apart,
gathering the belongings of our upbringing
we moved like hobos for the exit
stage right or wrong
we knew something was waiting
just beyond the door,
another night
another show
always new and different
but the soul never changed
as the curtain fell,
somewhere there would be a light
over at that special place
where the good times never seemed to end.

What price?

What price is paid

by the dreamers who gaze

on the midnight sky in love

with the universe?

Through dreams below a moon

who laughs in white silence

peering through to catch in slumber

the mind lost in other worlds,

does it know of our visions?

What price is paid by the hopeful heart

who wishes as a star falls on a calm night,

the glittering spark that shoots past much too fast

yet caught in the memory with a smile?

I know of no value worth pennies or millions

that compare with the view of a night sky,

below in a forest or beside the gentle waves

inspiration shimmers like a belief in more,

like the truth that we are one with it all.

Like light

We weave our way into this season of light,

marigold days with sun gracefully settling

before we are ready

to let go the warmth of moments.

Cut-out thoughts like paper dolls dancing

upon dying leaves left underfoot,

the scent once broken spills into the mind

stirring remembrance like bread dough in a bowl,

rising higher with the warmth found.

Eyes closed against the glare of forward motion,

we turn round and spin in the element of this second,

27 minutes past the hour and falling behind

yet unaware, somewhere within

life’s clock that drives us hard

like demons close behind

chasing us into the chaos,

if we but stop and stand strong in thought,

our conviction is thus,

relishing this everything

as another minute passes

and 32 left before we roam.

With a light step I shall move

not pressed onward, but lost in this very second,

inhaling the scent as the day unfolds around me

and grey skies block the mighty bulb above,

switch turned off for now

but knowing someone will come along

and turn it back on once more.

I will cast my silhouette against the morning sky,

giving praise for all in my grasp

and blessings for each day that shall come

I dance in the universe unbound.

Lighten the load

She moves with steady feet

moving through the dance that is her life

carrying the load on her shoulders

and within her mind the heaviness bears down.

Sweeping the dust and setting aside

that which no longer can serve,

thousand of pounds of regret and misery

she steps away in the waltz

one two three free.

Each piece she has gathered through the years

now set aside on the path behind her

becoming smaller in her minds rear view mirror,

she turns and gazes towards a lighter day

feeling the air moving through her hair,

falling softly around her

she is beautiful in her mind now,

not heeding the words she’d always heard,

not believing the truths that dragged her down

she watches her skirt sway about her legs

as the feeling of peace washes over her,

slipping the bounds of her prison

she moves now with her head held high,

picking up speed she stretches her soul

and runs to the sun like the wind,

knowing there’s no turning back,

letting it all go

lightening the load

knowing it is just so.

Smiling as her heart beats to the drum in her mind,

dancing like leaves

wild and free,

into the setting sun and beyond

she knows which way to go.

Magical times

We listen on the air

as silence fills the night

the clouds part to reveal

the beautiful sight

a show of a thousand stars

glistening like diamonds on velvet

sharp and bright

the universal night light.

I sit below as you sit somewhere so far,

perhaps the snow is falling

and I know the morning will bring me the warmth

as the sun rises to greet me,

you see it too from your window

and with a smile give thanks

for this bright orb gift I said I’d send,

together we have the bond

knowing time and distance is just that,

where the heart calls on whispering winds

flowing through to find you

and lightly touching down upon your mind,

your heart and soul embraces

the love sent across miles

with all from within me

to all within you,

holiday blessings sent

with love.

Words of light

Your words are a thousand rainbows

shining light into the windows within

reaching my soul in its revere

finding its mark

and creating beauty.

I sift through the pieces of days

searching for a thought lost along the way

and somewhere I hear singing

as if the heavens in their splendor

are calling to my being

believe in this moment

hold tight the joy.

I flow as if I am water on the shore,

moving in and out to the rhythm of the ocean

as Luna pulls the tides to caress

I know the soul of the mermaid

as she whiles away in her corals

her touch upon the fabric of life

beauty and bounty the gift

as sun reaches through the prism

the colors spark the view

of magnificence.

We will become what we perceive

as it bursts forth from somewhere within

out of the darkness it shall break free

and the dance of a thousand stars will thrill

as I lie below feeling a part of the whole,

content in the knowing of that which I am.

I am light and I am peace.

Simple addition

We are lit from within

one plus one plus one

infinite happiness ignited

as the flicker of abundance

climbs higher into the darkness

we feel the truth

seeing it from afar

one to another


Where there is love

let there be peace

and where there is peace,

let there be joy

working both forwards and backwards

when it’s all good

and it’s all divine

we know we can light the spark

to set this world on fire

with all of the above

and so it goes into Pi,

intersecting thoughts move

reaching one to another

we hold it on high

and sing our bliss

to all.

My beautiful Yankee candles bought yesterday with a major discount, they almost needed to be separated as the scent was so overwhelming, but once darkness set in and the flames were glowing, what a nice addition to our world. Love, Peace and Joy to you…..no, they didn’t have one that said Patchouli…..sigh  🙂


You who are light

shining in the darkest hours

waiting in the window like a beautiful beacon,

knowing you will be there

when we arrive.

Voices and hearts afar know truth,

as they dive beneath the surface of souls

to see what lies beneath

we carry each other through

good days and not so good,

we light the way in love.

So many gather here

in this place of imagination,

where all is possible and dreams thrive

because we craft ourselves out of purity

and in doing so gather together

the tribe of like selves

who see what many cannot,

who inspire those we may never meet.

I feel at peace here today

and for those who wear their painted caps

in shades to make the moments pop,

and those whose voices are heard between lines,

those who quietly inspire who’ve slipped away

through the passages of time,

I think of you all on this grey raining day,

knowing the sun will shine again another day

but until then I am content in the arms

of the world I dwell in,

blessed truly, for each of you who spin in orbit

around my universal world.

Beautiful photo found on Pixabay

Words to all of my WP family, reading so many words and loving acts (Lady G) and to those who need a friend to help them through tough times, you know who you are and I hope you know that every day, you’re in my thoughts and heart. No words can convey my deepest thanks for those who found me, stick by me, and dwell in kindness and love.

Peace and blessings to all,



And we wore white like the angels,

in our minds we remember visions of beauty

images forever embedded on holiday cards

and we closed our eyes at night

saying our simple prayers

for peace and good will

and with the hope come dawn

we too could be as beautiful

and filled with light as they.

Movies inspired through long winding lives,

as fires burned these memories come back to find

the faded smile of dreams of youth,

how we moved to goth and darkness

only to fight our way back out

into wooded hues and colors befitting

a child of nature.

She had the eyes filled with such peace,

and for years I became her,

hair and clothing to try to be in that peace

that emanated from somewhere within,

only to find as the flames died down

that it had always been there

I just couldn’t see

that all I strove for was always a part of me.

In peace I reside,

beside the still waters and evening tide,

when the moon hangs balanced

between sheets of silken white

I hear her small laugh across the universe

reaching my ears

and I am that child once more,

but an angel in waiting

no more.

My friend rekindled my thoughts on my favorite lady of my college years, and with the fires in Tennessee bringing thoughts of the movie Always to my mind, little nudges bring inspiration when least expected. I am blessed. I no longer wear continual white/cream clothing…red wine can sometimes take its toll, and food, and dog prints, etc…..beach driven hues worn now but it’s all good.

Beyond darkness

I cannot hold my hand to flame

for I know what I have been taught,

the fear of pain from such a thing

and other things

and things that I may not know yet,

nor have been taught

but within there lies a truth,

it burns like the strongest fire in my heart

held by my thoughts and feelings

in a place where emotions reign in peace.

I cannot be party to the darkness,

to stand silent even as it swirls about me

like tornados unleashed,

but I blow upon the prayers within

pushing them outward into the world

as it spins and spins some more,

as days pass I can feel that like everyday

changes will move through and if I stand

and let the flow charge me,

ripping me into the whirlpool where I would be lost

so I write words

and I find pretty pictures that encompass what I see

in my mind’s eye,

that is clearer than the two most visible,

I move beyond the darkness into the light

for that is where the calm will reign

that is where the love will be reborn again and again

and it is where I can dip my hand into pockets

that will never be empty

as long as it is filled with goodness.