Our silver lined wishes,
thoughts on invisible strings
suspended in the darkness
like stars that shine on when obscured
behind the laughing clouds,
and butterflies chase twigs
search the nectar of a gladdened heart
in whimsical worlds aflutter
we stand in awe of the world at large.
Webs woven in the hours of night
we catch our thoughts unaware
of our conscious being watching,
pondering the depths of an endless ocean
and the school of knowledge swims forward
into the coming jaws of a new day
and a balance of being
merry on this teeter-totter moving
back and forth like a gentle tide
that knows when it is time
to come or go,
to stay for a while in a shallow pool
where treasure can be found
and goodness unbound
to fly higher in neon shades,
delicate wings like dreams soaring
on an invisible wind into the atmosphere.

Another piece in the stream of consciousness series….image taken at Lights in Bloom at Selby Gardens FL.

Season of wishing

Years pass as we grow old
watching the children
running round with an ageless spirit,
we too join in the merry
in the most magical places.
Coming upon the man who sits,
in a place of peace below trees hung
with ten thousand wishes streaming
in the light wind that blows,
and for a moment we gaze
believing in a spirit shining
through the eternity that waits
patiently in the knowing
that all is calm
all is bright
and we shall leave this place
with a bit more light as we pass through,
a memory of magic moments
spent beneath the full moon above
and the spirit that resides within
singing along to the silence of a breeze
across a bay glistening
with the wonder of the season,
we find the peace we had been seeking
in the gift of knowing
there is more than here and now.

A beautiful night spent at Lights In Bloom event at Selby Gardens in Sarasota last night. As we were leaving, we sat a moment beneath some trees in the dark waiting and I gazed up and took several pictures of the trees above my head and on the way home, I looked back over at the scenes and for some reason? there was a white haze on three of the ones taken staring up into the trees. One was a live shot and when I touch the live button it looks completely normal but as it freezes, the white shimmery circle appears. There were no lights up in these trees that would have made the white mist circles. In all 3 images, a white orb in different places…..spirits having flown showing their presence perhaps I like to think ❤


We stare towards the brightest light,
feeling the seduction of the pull
drawing us in to the spell
a thousand stars beckon us to believe.
Something more within the the realm,
we linger on the edge of clouds
drifting through the space of our soul
we become one in the knowing,
the infinity of it all.
Singing a hymn of gratitude,
we stand and gather the tribe of all,
mindful leaving none behind
we make our pilgrimage to love
the heart of the matter
encompasses us within
the ethereal light gracing us
with the sign of paths to follow,
and ghosts of those who’ve gone before
stand ready at the horizon
knowing we will follow
for the happiness and joy of stardust
falls down like rain
and we soak it up
carrying the life force
to share from here to eternity.