Solitary season

I think of you beyond my view

of empty tables and holiday seasons

wondering if you think of those

so far away

in distant lands,

strangers your friends

and family memories sustain you

In moments when you sit

in quiet contemplation

at a table of simplicity.

I dream for you the beauty

the love sent in waves

the visions I gift

of better days

and tables decked for seasons

when we can be together

side by side

a toast to a life

where peace resides

and I will save you a place

at the head of it all

where you belong

among family and friends

and until then it just won’t be the same

with you there and not here,

as we hit pause and remember

the good times,

I will think of you

then till I have you in my arms

at Christmas time.



Within without

Heart sits and eyes stare
Cool screen shimmer
Within your voice
Light laughter and smiles
Yet I am without
Your warm touch.
Night falls silently
Eyes look above to see
First stars in so very long,
I wonder if you too
Share the vision,
Wishing for haste
And a safe homecoming
Within my soul
Never without
This love for you.

Thoughts to my love so far away…not forgotten, just missed deeply.

Thoughts of lavender

The waves of lavender fill my mind,
searching for fresh air of a country day
glass walls surround the traveling soul
and the tourist angrily brushes by
on his way to nowhere fast.
The purple haze of violet days
easy carefree
breathing the atmosphere
of an uncluttered moment
of a day in the life.
Where do they come from
and where do they go,
fast fast the conveyor moves
and yet they still move faster,
I walk to the beat of time to kill
hours to pass
the big metal birds take off
flying higher and higher
till they reach the horizon of a cloud
unwinding spirals of white
disappearing from my view.
I dream then of lavender fields
the lovely blooms waving
clean and fresh
the scent of candles you like
the color of the heart
that’s missing you.