Gazing at Now

Into the now I linger,

beyond the panes I see

touches of color blending moods

like coming home.

Star filled skies soothe the spirit

as the mind meditates amongst the trees,

my sentient soldiers wait

as the rhythm slows to calm,

I am borne of dust and shining things

in the moment of knowing

all that I AM.

Tranquility serves release in dreams

through the deep of night I linger,

speaking to the specters in tongues

I remember the ancient language

and tell their story

of life’s journey through

the ether of this second passed

leaving me aware and longing.

The incense burns its sweetest scent

as I am carried through the portal,

starstruck and mystified

I hang on the cusp

and dream.

Precious Things

Slippery thoughts flowing

into the blue I move,

I flow,

I live in the moment of deepest vibration

of universal vibe.

These are the precious things,

feelings of being-

Of flowing through and gathering fact

as I hopscotch over the clouds,

and find myself in a space

where endless happiness moves me.

Placing in the spaces between

the sparkling beauties call my senses

and finding me,

with a solace of peace I sleep,

I swim in the depths of sweetest dreams.

Content and flowing like water

I drift gently amongst the precious things,

and watch the unfolding of the mind,

then slip between the clouds.

This crow woman will gather the shine,

call it to her heart like long lost memories

of life before her,

of her crone ancestors she will linger,

to learn the higher way

of being one.

Quicksilver moon

Words slip…
sliding down paper tongues,
nestled amongst forgotten tomes
of history remembered
in dusty attics.

Sharp tongue slays the beast
of a procrastination hour
left lingering beneath the quicksilver moon,
waiting for the crystal cleanse,
the heart hastens to grasp
the birth of an image.

Who we become when no one sees
the hands moving through the story’s rise and fall,
splayed like paint across barren walls,
we write our future in the clouds
that descends over the light
of luna’s delicious irony,
here and gone,
the void deep and wide.

Hasten the mind to bring forth,
in reason and madness the spirit toys
with the lopsided circumstance the creation rising,
becoming one of itself-
a silly song sings of a child’s logic,
and nimble fingers draw the way
down the page of a new story born.