In a place

We were there,
in that magical place where color finds
sensibilities at peace,
eager and open to gather in,
the magic of each moment
like a word that invokes memories
and a scent that draws us closer
to yesterdays once more.
I dreamt of charms,
blues and pinks and greens
the color of happy,
the essence of childhood
searching through the depths of the mundane
knowing within there lay a prize,
and in my eagerness I think I must have laughed aloud,
drawing attention to the shy self,
never making waves,
but somewhere within knowing
there were rainbows and stars,
hearts and moons just for me
all the things I had searched for-
not so very far for I knew not
what lay behind the large wooden door,
beyond the keep of the home
but that box,
oh, that box with the smiling child-man,
that’s what mattered then….
to have them all,
gathering the charms in my circle
counted and hoarded like an ancient soul
to share or keep,
just the undying desire
to never stop searching
for that colorful magic
that waited at my fingertips…..
how did I not make the connection
that really,
thats what life was all about.
Still looking,
always looking.
Thoughts on lingering thoughts of life….and Lucky Charms marshmallows….

Peace floating

Thoughts lay in tiny bubbles

color of worlds imagined deep within

meditate the way into the dreams

set free the dark in the silence of a fast beating heart.

Latent ideas waiting to be tapped

with a gentle push they fly higher

catching the wind and disappearing into the thinness,

she softly whispers her wish into the night.

Hours pass in a solitude

not quite confined yet trapped momentarily by images

yesterday and the fast paced beat of the fear

to consume or expel into the light

there is only one way to go.

She wears the scars of a thousand battles

invisible to the eye of those who peer within

the balm of time is the salve to heal

and the holes will close

leaving only a faint remnant behind,

of a day in the life better left forgotten

like dust motes scattered

and soundless they blow

into the eternity of space and energy,

watching the specks disappear

and tucking away the memory

of release.


Our lives-

pickup stick games

from youth to death

sliding out so carefully

each thought from beneath the balance,

never knowing if one jolt,

one movement affects the next thought

and so on

as we pull each one with carefulness and agility,

observing what is to come next

and then beyond

weighing our choices

as we look from each angle

making our decision

so thoughtfully.

How did they become this jumble,

for this is how the game is played

they are not Lincoln logs waiting to be built,

a pile of shapes and varying sizes,

these slim fragments of color are all the same

as we are all the same

we try in earnest fashion to win each game,

sometimes succeeding

sometimes moving and tipping the scales

this way or the other,

yet we keep going as if there is no other way.

Until the last stick is picked up

we pay close attention to each detail,

if we do this, what may happen?

Not until the game is over,

do we finally realize it was simply a game after all,

it became more fun when we took the risk

and chanced failure to do so,

there was always a do over until there wasn’t.

But if each stick were a person in our lives,

and we kept adding instead of removing

oh what a beautiful shrine we could build,

higher and higher into the sky

we would win every time,

everyone would have a chance or say

and we could live in balance

and harmony

until the end of our days.


When we were small

Through jungles of thick dense mirages

we quietly slip through the darkness seeking

the light of a thousand daydreams

we know lay beyond the realm of youth.

When we were small we longed for age,

to be like those we saw around us like tall trees

and beautiful willowy women who entered rooms

and silence greeted their demure smiles,

jewels dripping from arms and necks

as the music played and the dances began

we watched from behind potted plants

meager in our pajama clad selves,

uninvited to the ball.

We pretended in front of mirrors,

decorating faces with left-over hand me downs

crumbling blue shadows and dried tubes and pots-

and broken glittering necklaces with missing pearls,

we bowed and curtsied and spun with joy

yet somewhere inside we knew it was just play

the tattered gowns and the laughter we endured

on playground fields from the older girls,

we stood with our faces outstretched to the sun,

yearning to be seen

in the overgrown garden of this make believe.

When we were young we longed for more

and as we became the trees so tall

we looked with love at those still small,

remembering the good

and casting out the sad,

now we long for those softer times of quiet,

the moments of innocence before the dark clouds

of want and need and anger became

a fabric of our lives we had not asked for,

we long for that peace

of yesterday once more.

I saw this image and this is what came to mind, no fears my friends, I’m in a good place, sitting in the shade of a beautiful Florida winter? day, listening to the world move in its own special way and just being.

On wing

We are arriving at our destination

drifting along on star speckled backdrops

watching the clouds race beyond our view

we are coming home to self

as the descent begins

we feel the unease,

the unknown foreign to our minds, yet embraced.

For we know that as feet touch down

we will be where it is we were meant to be,

our journey once more just beginning

as we hold up the magnifying glass to see

that which had been hidden for so very long

in heavy clouds and illusions given by others,

we will thrill to the spectacle as we find

our hearts and souls embraced

by a thousand moons and suns,

dancing on the midnight blue curtain

of our dreams.

Beautiful image by: Daniela Beckmann

We are balanced

Between our worlds of cosmic stars

and moonlit forays into the wildness that is

the essence of a life well lived

cleverly colored like magic crayons

we dot the stars with our words,

hang carefully the dreams out on the line to dry

in summer breezes we balance

the presence of the present.

Hoop wishes spinning like sweetest thoughts

drifting around to return once more

to places where we dirty our feet

treading on sacred ground of soul,

where we were born once before we knew

the elegance of a star dust show,

changes that change places with the yesterday

leading us to where the whimsy whispers

sweetest voices heard on high

hearing our plea

responding to the cry

for a place of peace and harmony

swirling around we catch the glimpse

of our future selves yet we know the mirror shows

the who and what we are now

and it is divine in its beauty,

balanced in our form

content in our skin.

A million dreams

My mind moves through the motions

so many words waiting to live,

so many stories waiting to be told-

you sit and watch me, my priceless gift,

waiting to be used

to be loved by a new soul,

and I hear you whispering, just try,

perhaps just once

and I smile and know that the days ahead

will see stronger fingers

and whimsy brought forth

from the keys of love

and the voice that heard my words so long ago,

has given me this special piece

in love from a father to a daughter.

Christmas made merry

as I had seen a few and wanted to buy

yet had held back wondering why?

What would be done,

and I know time will tell

as it will speak to me in its own special way,

teaching me what it needs me to know,

spelling it out

one finger touch at a time.

Not a picture of my gift but looks identical, a gift from my Father who is down here for the holidays, our first together in 45 years. A gift of love, to inspire the creative creature that is within me. Peace and love, and Yay….love it!!!!


They wonder if I miss it,

those places where my soul resided not so long ago,

where the blanket of white sits in still bracing air

and the ice dances like stars below the rising sun.

They ask if I want to return,

back to a place where memories were made,

to where faces are familiar and the ice of winter

fills my blood and slows my body

leaving me broken and pained

the scars of yesterday ripped daily

as the darkness of night comes too soon.

They ask if I’m happy

living here now in this place

where the warm winds sway

and it feels so far away from there,

here the bitter wind is a distant memory

etched in my psyche like a stone of names

in a lonely forgotten place where ghosts reside

and visitors are few.

I gaze into the light of the sun so high,

feeling the warmth blanket me like a child,

and though it is the season of time together

in my mind they’re never really that far

as I can speak to them in dreams

or smile at a moment that reminds me,

that home is where the peace is,

and I am here in that place

at this very moment,

a halo of goodness greets my heart

for the love I carry sees me through

with sweet thoughts of you.

Pure essence

Embracing the essence of a day

pure in thought and simplicity

I wander my mind in search of places

emerald cities of the light-hearted kind.

People move about around me

eyes forward searching and here I hold

the place in my memories bank

solitude of beauty I embrace.

I need not go elsewhere for it is here,

in this place of peace where the heart beats steady

and the nightmares of yesterdays dreams

have slipped into their bottomless cracks

lost to worry

exempt from my notice.

I wander down these roads of bliss

spending time in quiet reflection

as the sun trickles down like rain

glistening between the spaces of calm

filling the cracks with abundance and joy.

I’ve been quite busy at work lately and have missed my sojourns into the writing world, so before I slipped away to the day to day, thought I would share this beautiful image and some kind words to ponder as you join me on my day of bliss. Peace and blessings and I shall be back to regular production this week. Yay, keep calm and zen on folks. K

A nudge from the universe

As I sit glancing at the images

beautiful thoughts filling my mind today

and all of the blessings that have been given.

So far from yesterday yet still so close in heart

I see the magic of spirit around me

of those no longer here.

Gentle games they play with me,

numbers I adore come unexpectedly and I watch,

waiting for more

as I think of a person who wrote so long ago

and a passage that always comes to my mind,

as I turn to the next read on the universal web

I see his words staring at me

almost as if in a taunting smile

that to believe in the goodness around,

keeping the heart light and the spirit strong

I am moving in the right direction

with nudges from the universe.

I laugh then just because

and it feels so very good down within,

to set free the spontaneity of joy

and to feel so very thankful today

and every day,

how these moments let me know that it will be,

the magic will continue to spin around

wrapping me in its sparkling embrace

as I light a candle or two or three

giving light and love to a festive moment,

I am humbled by these gifts

and give thanks.