Whispers of wisdom
filter through softly,
unexpected yet not quite so
as the larger ones come seeking
a conversation
with a heart in need.
Eyes that gaze deeply
in their bottomless kind way
we dive in to the freshness
of a new view unseen
yet somehow always known.
We are small before the majesty
of a thought that holds so much,
spilling over without a word
we soak up the goodness
and know how blessed we are
when softly they come
these lingering doubts and fears,
higher we step to rise above
saved in our faith
of light and love.


In deepest thoughts we wander
aimless and quietly into the forests of yesterday,
the heights shrouded in fine mist
and our memories hang high in the canopy tops,
barely filtered by the light of waking morn.

Staring into the grey shaded fog
as ghostly clouds linger casting shadows,
we reach in and move the images about
seeking meaning where we can see clearly.

How did we come to be here,
in this place where translucent snapshots move
in and out of focus,
the mind a panoramic camera with a cracked lens
distorting the sights
and bringing to the surface the sounds
of a deep breath exhaling.

As the tiniest twigs snap beneath our feet
a form stops to gaze,
with wide eyes waiting for movement
we linger in the past
then turn silently away,
move down the path unseen
leaving an echo of peace
in our departure.

Beauty in peace

Standing in the shadows
thoughts race by like raindrops
lashing about and puddling
at the feet deeper by the moment,
wringing out as quickly
as sand runs through the glass
not making much ground,
I cease and abstain,
to finally just be.
Soaked to the skin
I watch each thought drop away,
splash as it falls into nothing
no longer existing
it magically disappears
into space
and I wonder for only a moment
where it had gone,
yet not giving it any real worth
for to let it remain a focus
keeps one drowning and mired in it.
I rise instead to the blue,
buoyed in the depths of what has changed,
skies clear from the storm
I lay watching the scenes unfold
knowing there will be brighter moments
without those thoughts that intrude,
the ideas that rankle
and the emotion it stirs.
I embrace the passing of the rain
yet respect the moment it existed,
for to find within the darkness
the strength to not succumb
charges like lightning
the soul set to soar higher,
to believe and grow
through learning that with the water that falls,
something beautiful may grow.

Thoughts this morning on some dreams I had revolving around self-worth, etc….on track for another glorious day and always embracing the things I learn from my soul, even as I sleep, so very aware of the moment and able to let go the bad before waking to rise refreshed and feeling good.