We wear it well

Life savored,
samples of bliss on pretty dishes
elements of the universe served
one of each for you and me.
We gather in our tribes
celebrating the beautiful days
the crumbs of happiness caught on lips
smiling with full mouths
of joy.
These dreams we carry with us
packed up and set within invisible cases
slung over the shoulder and peered at
while waiting for the light to change,
green we move forward
creeping and taking time to just inhale
the feelings of our being.
Flowers in a vase and champagne taste on tongue
a fine chocolate and a held hand,
the finer shades of bliss
we swim in the depths
below a setting sun,
blowing our seeds of laughter and joy
on the wind carried
into tomorrow.

Having an amazing day. I accepted the job offer for which I blissfully applied, and for a moment, savoring in the joy of this life and the gifts it brings. Manifesting on with a smile and skip in my step.

Realm of calm

We slowly unfurl clenched fists
one finger for each fear held tight
unwinding the cord in release
we breathe in
and slowly exhale the poisoned air
one more finger loose and free
and then another
stretching into the eternity that we see
before us.
We know we need it to be this way,
open hands ready in acceptance
so we let go of what hinders the goal,
eyes wide open to the hope and joy
of the flow of blessings
waiting before us
for the taking.
We wonder why we held so tight
to each and every bit of darkness
and though we felt the tightness,
the constriction was not felt
until it became too late,
where we had lost our way
setting aside our treasure map
and forgetting where we were going,
our fingers now trace the future lines
not yet determined but we feel the energy
and the invisible threads that pull us
as we pick up feathers tossed
by angels with delight
we give thanks for the signs given,
we relearn confidence in our choice.

I have been feeling so light lately, open and accepting to the goodness from the souls that surround me. Finding feathers left and right and just being open to it all. Yesterday at work a customer told me how helpful I was and that she remembered me from the last time she had been in, and that I was such a joy to her. I felt blessed and honored and thanked her with a wide smile. Ten minutes later another woman came in, having gone to the blood bank two doors down, she was fine as she picked out her hair color that she was having trouble finding, but as I was running her through checkout, she asked if she could sit. We don’t have any sitting areas up front and I came around when I saw her go quite white-she began rocking and grasping the marble counter and I put my arms around her as she went down, taking us both with her. I directed my coworker to get some wet cold paper towels and talked to her, cooling her forehead and neck with the towels as her male companion looked on in shock. I asked him to go to the blood bank and get some juice and help, she didn’t want me to call 911 and then her eyes rolled back into her head again. I never realized till I woke up today I’ve a nasty bruise on my arm where I tried to cushion her head from crashing into the hard floor. I just remember her friend with tears in his eyes thanking me over and over again as I just stood there shaking after she had gone. The blood bank people came and gave her juice and helped her walk back over to their offices. I pray she’s fine and I felt so good to have had some first aid training at the old job that kept me calm enough to attend to her till help arrived. I slept last night like the dead but woke refreshed and filled with overflowing peace. Thought I’d share some of it with you all ❤ peace and blessings ❤ and always, be kind.


Rippled colors fill in gaps
caught between dreams and smiling glances
we steal away into the deepest places
where hearts beat like drums
in circles round fire.
We gather our strength
returning to the core
of what we know and had for but a moment
forgotten in that blip
like turning off the switch
we change channels
rediscovering silence
journeying within to find
the piece of peace
that was left behind.
We gather the twigs,
dry fodder for fuel
stacking like castles
higher to the sky
and lighting the soul
with the internal flame,
come alive to dance this dance
of a beautiful day
in the life.