Days shine brightly on a heart that hears

the sounds of shuffling papers in boxes,

tearing open gently to peer within,

like the thoughts of a soul knowing

greatness has been delivered.

Colorful images make for smiles

and words teased out by blue ink thoughts

spelled out so lightly and carefree,

open the heart to the gifts of friends

as letters sent and received,

the sweetest things indeed,

pieces of the heart given in love.

I am always so excited to get the old proverbial “snail mail” delivered to my mailbox, I rush out (adding steps to Beulah the domineering fitbit) grabbing and turning to find a pickup truck almost ready to run me down. Good thing for sneakers that move like lightning, and even though I hope that some day texting while driving is banned in Florida, I shall be a bit more careful in the future.. After all, this is a pretty quiet street, I guess my mind was basking in the sunshine and love sent from afar. Thank you to my dear heart Tre, my mind started singing Blue Guitar as soon as I opened it. I owe you one ❤

Dying art

What lies between lines

unseen words and conversation

find her thoughts

sitting beside themselves

fingers holding indigo

so much to say and so little time

and a blank page that waits

to begin.

Words and letters never sent

quicker to move across keyboards

to spell check

to hit send,

personality extinct

in steady typical font

that could come from anywhere

from anyone.

Stamped and dropped

in faded blue metal boxes,

there is only patience

there is no looking back

no recall of message

as it slips downward mixed in a heap

so much less every day

and the scent of the sender

fragrance of flowers and a tea stain dabbed

slightly wrinkled but still

elegantly penned

the dying art

alive once again.

The big mailbox

Send them love.

Wish them peace.

See them happy.

Everyone, always, forever, Kimberly.

And prepare to be astounded,
The Universe

Words to smile
As I awaken each day
My mailbox choc full
Of goodness
Of laughter
Of dreams.
I wish the universe would send
Chocolate and rainbows
‘Cause then I would jump for joy
And ice cream too
Yes that would be nice,
And how ’bout some music
And colorful art
And love from the world
Oh that would truly be
A very big mailbox
To behold.
The messages would be good
In every language
Hello world
Just spreading the love
One bit at a time.

PS….the unicorn is on the way.