In a place

We were there,
in that magical place where color finds
sensibilities at peace,
eager and open to gather in,
the magic of each moment
like a word that invokes memories
and a scent that draws us closer
to yesterdays once more.
I dreamt of charms,
blues and pinks and greens
the color of happy,
the essence of childhood
searching through the depths of the mundane
knowing within there lay a prize,
and in my eagerness I think I must have laughed aloud,
drawing attention to the shy self,
never making waves,
but somewhere within knowing
there were rainbows and stars,
hearts and moons just for me
all the things I had searched for-
not so very far for I knew not
what lay behind the large wooden door,
beyond the keep of the home
but that box,
oh, that box with the smiling child-man,
that’s what mattered then….
to have them all,
gathering the charms in my circle
counted and hoarded like an ancient soul
to share or keep,
just the undying desire
to never stop searching
for that colorful magic
that waited at my fingertips…..
how did I not make the connection
that really,
thats what life was all about.
Still looking,
always looking.
Thoughts on lingering thoughts of life….and Lucky Charms marshmallows….


Small white tufts
Dot the field beyond the window
Long tired road
I wish to stop and pluck
The softness of growth.
The child within
Looks in wonder
A million marshmallows
Stand on sticks
Ready for campfire
Chocolate and graham.
Like a white four leaf clover
Are you the lucky one spun
Into the richest thread count
That may cover me softly
On warm summer nights,
Or destined for a dish towel
Absorbing the moisture
Of dishes, spills, or tears.
I do not stop
To pluck a souvenir
As this is not mine
To steal just one tuft,
It is a working mans bounty to give
If he desires,
I smile and drive on.